“Cross della Carsolina” in Sgonico: Nekagenet Crippa, what a protagonist!

From the women’s race to the junior races: this is how the 31st edition of the “Carsolina Cross” went

Great competition on the meadows of Sgonico (Trieste) in the 31st edition of “Cross of Carsolina” third and final selection match for the European championships scheduled for 12 December in Dublin. With an absolute protagonist, Nekagenet Crippa, the elder brother of the best known Yemaneberhan who won the men’s senior race with 29.45 with an overwhelming final progression in the last of the five laps of the course obtained in the Prosecco airfield. Behind him, out of competition, the Kenyans Rodgers Mayo 28.52 ed Edwin Kibet Kiptoo 28.57 that had animated the first kilometers of the race. For Nekagenet, his seasonal debut on the lawns, yesterday’s was the third consecutive success in Cross of Carsolina after those of 2018 and 2019. It will be him, together with his brother Yemaneberhan currently in training in Kenya, the two leaders of the senior blue team in Dublin. In the same race, excellent proof of the Lombard promise Luca Alfieri fourth in 29.06 in front of Ahmed Ouhda 29.17 and another promise, the surprising Samuel Della Pietra 29.18 to which the air of home competes for Atletica Trieste, the organizing company, evidently has put wings on its feet. So to complete the top positions Yassin Bouih 29.22 and two strong promises like Marco Fontana Granotto 29.23 and Francesco Guerra 29.25.

Women’s competition –

Great protagonist, although out of the race, the Slovenian Klara Lukan, great opponent of the blue in recent years Nadia Battocletti. After a first round of study, the Eastern European middle-distance runner literally changed gear, winning in 22.04 with a wide margin over all the other opponents. Behind him, before the blue, the Piedmontese hedge Martina Merlo with 22.45, the Kenyan in front of another athlete out of the competition Veronicah Maina Man 22.53. So in quick succession Ludovica Cavalli, first among the promises with 22.57, Federica Zanne 23.05 and Nicole Reina 23.10 paying the latter a couple of positions on the final for too much energy spent in the first kilometers run alongside the Lukan and of Man. Behind him they then closed the two promises in the top eight Michela Moretton 23.17 and Sara Nestola 23.26.

Cross corto —

On the two kilometers of the mixed short cross men and women were to be defined the last two holders in view of the Europeans in Dublin. In the men’s field he won it in the sprint Mohad Abdikadar its Pietro Riva thus going to pair with Ossama Occupation first eight days ago in Osimo. In women confirmation for the Milanese Michel Mayor already before in Osimo. Some uncertainty about the middle name why Joyce Mattagliano second to Osimo and fighting for success with it Mayor she fell 10 meters from the finish finishing fourth after Eleonora Vandi third in Osimo and Sveva Fascetti. A little puzzle for the selectors. But so be it.

Junior races –

In the junior competitions success in the sprint of the Piedmontese Elia Mattio that burned right on the finish line Massimiliano Berti, a boy who studies in America, who had pulled the whole race from the first meter. In the women’s field absolute domination of the Friulian Ilaria Bruno who won all three selection races ahead of Giulia Maragon, a girl from Vicenza studying in Milan, the great revelation of these last two selection competitions.

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“Cross della Carsolina” in Sgonico: Nekagenet Crippa, what a protagonist!