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Sweden 1 sovereign victory!

Maja Dahlqvist is through and can celebrate the sovereign victory in the race with her running partner Jonna Sundling. Behind them USA 1 crosses the finish line. Slovenia 1 fights its way back impressively after the fall and actually secures the podium.


Dahlqvist stands down!

Maja Dahlqvist makes short work of the competition and, shortly before the end of the round, is now clearly standing out from the competition. Nothing should run off there anymore. Behind them the USA and Slovenia are fighting for the remaining podium places.


Last change

The last change is pending. Sweden 1, USA 1, Finland 1 and Slovenia 1 will all fight for victory today. All the others are probably too far away.


Slovenia back on track!

What a strong performance by the Slovenians! You have put everything on one card and fought your way back to the front with strong laps before the decisive change begins.


10. Change

The race is slowly coming to an end and it is already the tenth change in this fast sprint. There are still eight teams together, but it shouldn’t be long before a preliminary decision is made. The German duo is beaten.


9. Change

It is 4.7 seconds that Slovenia takes into the lap for the ninth change. Is there anything going forward? Sweden 1 is still in the lead, followed by Finland 1 in front of USA 1, who can fully intervene again after the fall.


Can Slovenia still catch up?

The Slovenian duo are doing everything they can to close the gap somewhere. Eva Urevc is getting closer and closer, but there is still a decent gap to the top group.


8. Change

Now Germany must also let Slovenia go. It’s all about the penultimate place in this team sprint. Seven nations are still involved.


7. Change

It changes again and slowly the thing decides. Only seven nations are at the front. Behind that there is a big gap to Slovenia and Germany.


Germany is falling behind

The German team tries to stay tuned, but the gap is opening and there will probably be nothing more with a top place.


6. Change

Sweden 1 is now switching back to first position and Jonna Sundling is on her next lap. Then come the first larger gaps.


Lampic has to fight

Anamarija Lampic is now really struggling to somehow close the gap. It will now have to invest properly in order to close the gap. The USA is already getting involved again.


5. Change

It goes to the next change. Russia 1 moves in first position ahead of Norway 1 and the two Swedish duos. The USA and Slovenia are well behind. Slovenia in particular will have to stretch to get back.


Fall of the favorites!

There is a fall! Diggins and Urevc trip over each other and land rudely in the snow. Both runners can pull themselves together again, but it will take strength to get back to the group.


4. Change

And the next round is over. Even now, Germany is again in the middle of the large group. The gaps have now closed again.


3. Change

Sweden 1 keeps up the pace and is now changing back to first position. Sofie Krehl is sent into the round in fifth place for the German duo.


Gaps open up

The small gaps in the field are slowly coming. They can still be run up, but it turns out that Sweden 1 is interested in keeping up the pace.


2. Change

The second change is pending. Sweden 1 passes Russia 1 and Norway 2. Germany 2 is in seventh position. But even now there are no major gaps. All are still there.


Krehl in the back field

While Russia is now in the lead, Sofie Krehl is a little further back in the group for Germany. That’s not the problem yet, but at the end of the race it is important to get into a good position so as not to miss the boat.


1. Change

It’s quick on the short lap and the first change is pending. Everything is still together and the ten runners are handing over almost at the same time. In Germany 2 Sofie Krehl is now on the track for the strong Swedes Maja Dahlqvist, who has won all sprints so far this season.


Sundling sets the pace

Jonna Sundling takes the lead once for the Swedes in order to stay out of the turmoil behind them. Behind it is Jessie Diggins for the USA.


The starting gun has been fired!

The starting shot has been fired and the respective starting runners are on the track. We can look forward to a heated race. Laura Gimmler is the first for Germany. Sweden 1 is on the road with Jonna Sundling, in Slovenia 1 Eva Urevc runs the first lap and in the US cross-country skiers Diggins does the first meters.


Swiss women just fail

The Swiss women also have to watch. Laurien van der Graaff and Lea Fischer just failed to make the cut for the final.


Germany 2 in the final

Of the two German duos, only Germany makes it into the final. Laura Gimmler and Sofie Krehl took a good third place in their semi-finals behind USA 1 and Slovenia 1. Germany 1 with Anne Winkler and Coletta Rydzek was already eliminated.


The favorites

The favorite role in the team sprint should clearly go to the first duo from Sweden. The sprint nation from the far north showed again yesterday with strong performances in the individual. But the duo from Slovenia can certainly raise their hopes today, after all, Eva Urevc and Anamarija Lampic made it to the final yesterday. The Norwegians are also among the biggest favorites.


The distance

This year, too, the first step is to go up the Elbe dike. In front of the Augustus Bridge, the turning point is on the 650 meter short lap, before going back down the dike. A couple of built-in waves follow before we hit the long home straight.


New rules for team sprints

In Dresden, the new rules will be used in the team sprint for the first time this winter. Since this season, the first four duos of both semi-finals have qualified for the final, two more duos progress as lucky losers over time. So far, the rule was that only the first two teams qualified directly and the remaining teams got to the final over time, which meant that they mostly came from one of the two semi-finals. In addition, World Cup points will be awarded in the team event for the first time this season.


Warm welcome!

Hello and welcome to the second day of competition at the City Sprint in Dresden. After winning the individual on Saturday, the team sprint is on the agenda today. It starts at 12:00 noon!

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Cross-country skiing Dresden women: Liveticker – Team sprint freestyle |