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Rome, November 18, 2021 – Even today they exceed 10 thousand Covid contagion in Italy with well 4 Regions scoring over 1000 new cases from Coronavirus. In today’s bulletin of Ministry of Health e Civil protection i deaths remain substantially stable, always around the seventies, while hospital pressure is still growing, both in the terapie intensive (where 55 admissions of the day), both as regards i hospitalizations in the ordinary departments.

Covid, the bulletin of November 18: infections still over ten thousand

Yellow zone and regions at risk: the November 18 update


Meanwhile, let’s take a look at the data released in the morning by Gimbe Foundation. Monitoring, as illustrated by Nino Cartabellotta, president of the Foundation, reports “for the fourth consecutive week a increase in new cases weekly (+ 32.3%) at the national level “. All the other indicators are also growing: deaths, hospital pressure, currently positive cases and people in home isolation. Friuli Venezia Giulia and the Autonomous Province of Bolzano which “are very close to yellow zone“.

Yellow zone: what can be done. Differences from white

On the front vaccines “the government – as reported to Ansa by the president of the National Federation of Medical Orders, Filippo Anelli – is working on a decree law to introduce thethird dose obligation of recall against Covid for health workers, which should start from December 1 “. President Fnomceo also asked that, with the mandatory third dose, it be made more effective, delegating the suspensive function to the Order of Doctors, the rule regarding the suspension of sanitary ware who are not vaccinated. Just today the data on unvaccinated health workers were released by Fnomceo: “One out of four, between doctors and dentists suspended pursuant to Legislative Decree 44, he got vaccinated, and has returned to practice. “The suspensions were 2365, of which 598 revoked due to vaccination.

Third dose started late: 6 million over the safety threshold

Worrying data comes from Germany where in the last 24 hours they have been identified 65,371 new cases, the weekly incidence reached a record of 336.9 per 100,000 inhabitants and the hospitals are under pressure, so much so that a serious patient was transferred from Bavaria, where the resuscitation places would have ended, in South Tyrol. Dramatic situation also in Upper Austria where from Monday will trigger a lockdown generale for the entire vaccinated and non-vaccinated population.

The epidemic curve of the Covid in Italy. I new cases I’m 10.638, settling for the second consecutive day above ten thousand (yesterday they were 10,172). With 625.774 tampons, about 88 thousand more than yesterday, the rate of positivity it drops from 1.9% to 1.7%. THE deaths I’m 69 (yesterday 72), for a total of 133,034 victims since the beginning of the epidemic. Admissions are still growing: the terapie intensive I’m 17 more than yesterday with 55 admissions of the day (the total rises to 503), while i hospitalizations there are 28 more ordinary ones (yesterday +162), 4,088 in total. Like yesterday, the regions with the most cases are there Lombardy (+1.705) and Veneto (+1.603) followed by Lazio (+1.089), Campania (+1.037) and Emilia Romagna (+929). THE total infections in Italy since the beginning of the pandemic there are 4,893,887. The healed are 5,148 and the number of children is still on the rise currently positive, 5,428 more than yesterday, rising to 132,513. Of these, I’m in home isolation 127,922 patients.

With 135,080 swabs carried out it is 1.705 the number of new cases of Covid registered in Lombardy, with a positive rate down to 1.2% (yesterday 1.7%). The number of hospitalized patients in intensive care (+3, 56) and in the wards (+28, 584) is growing. I am 8 i deaths, bringing the total to 34,269 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. As for the provinces, 615 positives are reported to Milano (of which 248 in Milan city), 79 in Bergamo, 216 in Brescia, 93 in Como, 68 in Cremona, 14 in Lecco, 32 in Lodi, 67 in Mantua, 118 in Monza, 73 in Pavia, 42 in Sondrio and 226 in Varese.

New peak of daily infections in Veneto, where they were registered 1,603 new positives at Covid. The regional bulletin also reports 4 victims. The incidence of cases out of 117,123 swabs carried out yesterday (20,538 molecular and 96,585 rapid) is 1.36%, a slight decrease compared to the previous 24 hours. Currently positive patients increase by 980 to 18,628. The clinical situation was stable, with 351 (+2) hospitalizations in non-critical areas and 62, unchanged, in intensive care.

“Today in the Lazio, out of 15,843 molecular swabs and 29,465 antigenic swabs for a total of 45,308 swabs, 1,089 new positive cases e 6 deaths. There are 606 hospitalized (+9), 81 intensive care (+4) and 474 recovered. The ratio between positives and swabs is 2.4% “. This was announced by the regional councilor for health, Alessio D’Amato, specifying that the cases a Roma cities are at an altitude of 513.

The Campania returns to register over a thousand infections in one day. I am 1.037 i new cases of positivity identified in the last 24 compared to 32,539 swabs carried out. THE deceased in the last 48 hours are 5. There are 296 hospitalized patients, while 24 intensive care beds are occupied.

I splash new cases of Coronavirus in Emilia Romagna: Today I am 929 on over 35 thousand tampons. 900 daily infections have not been exceeded since May 2, 2021. Hospitalizations are stable, but other 9 victims. The contagion situation in the provinces sees the metropolitan area of Bologna with 180 cases (35 in the Imola area), then Forlì-Cesena with 171 cases, Rimini with 133. There are 45 patients admitted to intensive care (+4 compared to yesterday), 456 those in the other Covid departments (-3).

Today in Friuli Venezia Giulia on 28,896 tests and swabs were found 615 positivity to Covid, equal to 2.12%. In detail, 562 new infections were detected on 7,150 molecular swabs (7.86%), on 21,746 rapid antigenic tests 53 cases (0.24%). Today they register 6 deaths. The people admitted to intensive care are 23 (-2), while the patients in other departments are 189 (+11).

I am 566, in Piedmont, i new cases detected of Covid positive people, 0.9% of the 60,650 swabs performed. The asymptomatic are 308 (54.4%). In today’s bulletin it is also included a death, not related to the last 24 hours. Intensive care admissions rise to 30 (+6), while Covid patients admitted to ordinary wards remain unchanged (296). The people in home isolation are 6,524, the currently positive 6,850 and the new healed 298.

Slight growth in Covid cases in Sicily: I’m 501 the new positives discovered with a number of swabs carried out (26,307) slightly lower than yesterday, so much so that the positivity rate rises to 1.90%. The deaths, 9 (+2). Slight decline in hospitalized in ordinary wards, 345 (-6), stable at 43 patients in intensive care with 3 new admissions. There are 9,346 people in home isolation. The healed are 385, the current positives rise by 121 units and are 9,734.

The number of new positive cases ascertained is still high South Tyrol: I’m 425 and contagion detected in the last 24 hours based on 2,211 molecular swabs and 9,299 antigen tests. It also registers a victim; the total number of victims, since the beginning of the health emergency, thus rises to 1,221. The number of patients remained substantially stable: 8 (-1) in intensive care and 71 (+1) in normal hospital wards. Instead, the increase of people in home isolation has been decided: they are 7,658 (576 more than yesterday).

I am 354 i contagion Covid, the highest number since April, discovered today in Abruzzo. The budget of deceased patients registers 2 new cases and rises to 2,573 since the beginning of the emergency. Currently positive are 3,229 (+285 compared to yesterday): among these 90 (+5 compared to yesterday) are hospitalized in the medical area, 11 (-1 compared to yesterday) in intensive care, while the others 3,128 (+281 compared to yesterday) are in home isolation.

In Tuscany I’m 341 i new cases Covid discovered by the analysis of 9,110 molecular swabs and 25,943 rapid antigenic swabs for a positivity rate of 1%. They register 6 deaths: 4 men and 2 women with an average age of 82.3 years. The currently positive are 7,545, + 1% compared to yesterday: among these the hospitalized are 309 (4 more than yesterday), of which 41 in intensive care (2 more).

I am 315 i new cases of positivity to Covid recorded in Liguria in the last 24 hours compared to 4,124 molecular swabs and 12,281 rapid antigenic. There are 109 hospitalized in hospitals, 11 fewer than yesterday. Of these, 12 are in intensive care. It does not register no death: the victims since the beginning of the emergency therefore remain 4,444.

Salt still in the Walk the incidence of Coronavirus positives per 100 thousand inhabitants (112.50 against 108.50 yesterday). THE almost detected in the last 24 hours are 290. The bulletin also reports two deaths which bring the total number of victims since the beginning of the emergency to 3,128. The number of hospitalized patients decreased (86, -5): 22 in intensive care, 22 in semi-intensive care and 42 (-5) in non-critical wards.

Today in Puglia out of 21,385 tests carried out were detected 233 positive cases: 49 in the province of Bari, one in the province of Barletta, Andria, Trani and 41 in that of Brindisi, 34 in the province of Foggia, 64 in the province of Lecce, 42 in the province of Taranto and 3 residents outside the region. Today’s bulletin also reports 6 deaths. Currently there are 3,806 positive people: 152 are hospitalized in a non-critical area and 15 in intensive care.

I am 198 the new ones contagion discovered in Calabria in the last 24 hours from the analysis of 4,942 swabs carried out. They also register 2 deaths which bring the total number of victims to 1,474 since the beginning of the health emergency. The new healed are 177 so the currently positive increase by 19 units. There are 124 people being treated in the ordinary wards of hospitals, while 10 patients are in intensive care.

Contagions from Covid down in Sardinia, where in the last 24 hours he has not registered no death. I new cases I’m 114 (-16) measured on the basis of 7,730 tests. The positivity rate remains stable at 1.4%. The number of patients admitted to intensive care units remains unchanged, 10 in all, while the figure in the medical area drops by one, for a total of 42 beds occupied by positives. On the other hand, 2,012 (+70) people are in home isolation.

In Basilicata 25 new positives, 56 in Molise. There is a slight increase in hospitalizations in Umbria, where 80 cases have been identified in the past 24 hours. No deaths and 67 infections in Valle d’Aosta. The positives of the day return below 100 Trentino: 95 out of 11 thousand swabs carried out.

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Covid today Italy: still on hospitalizations and resuscitations. Bulletin and data of 18 November – National newspaper