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Rome, December 14, 2021 – I am dead e hospitalizations the most negative data of the today’s bulletin of Ministry of Health on the Covid in Italy: there are 120 deaths, never so many since May 28, and in the ordinary wards there is a new jump in patients, 212 more than yesterday. Slower the growth of terapie intensive, where, however, there are 93 admissions of the day. As always happens on Tuesdays when after the weekend the number of swabs carried out starts to rise again, i contagion, which return to over 20 thousand, while the rate of positivity drops sharply.

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Meanwhile, according to the consultant to the Minister of Health Walter Ricciardi “it is assumed that the behavior of the variante Omicron it will be the same in our country too, with one strong growth of cases” e l’WHO sounded the alarm: “I think we are facing one tsunami of contagions in the world, both for Delta (the dominant variant in recent months) and for Omicron“, the technical manager for the pandemic, Maria van Kerkhove, told El Pais.” I repeat to governments: do not wait to act. “The Italian government yesterday extended it;state of emergency until March 31 and, according to what Roberto Speranza reported, “today they will be on the CDM further choices on the emergency that we are experiencing. “It also accelerates on the vaccine front: yesterday the reservations for vaccinations for children and from tomorrow, December 15, thevaccine requirement for teachers and law enforcement.

I am 20.677 i new cases of Covid identified in Italy in the last 24 hours by 776,563 swabs, 463,000 more than yesterday. The positivity rate consequently falls sharply, from 4.1% to 2.7%. Evil on the front of the deaths, 120, never so many since last May 28; the total casualties since the beginning of the epidemic there are 135,049. The pressure on hospitals is still growing: the terapie intensive I’m 7 more with ben 93 admissions of the day, and rise to 863, while i ordinary hospitalizations there are 212 more (yesterday +254), 7,163 in all ..

The region with the most cases today is the Veneto (+4.088), followed by Lombardy (+3.830), Lazio (+1.921), Piedmont (+1.853), Emilia Romagna (+1.845) and Campania (+1.304). THE total infections in Italy since the beginning of the pandemic there are 5,258,886. THE healed today there are 6,637 so the number of currently positive reaching almost 300 thousand (297,394). Of these, I’m in home isolation 289,368 people.

Strong growth of new cases of Covid in Veneto: I am 4.088 i contagion registered in the last 24 hours. Also increases the number of dead, 16 against 10 yesterday; the total number of victims therefore rises to 12,084 since the start of the pandemic. The current positives are 52,020 (+1,435): 997 are hospitalized in ordinary wards (+11), 142 (+6) in intensive care and the other 50 thousand are in home isolation.

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Compared to 172,462 swabs carried out, they are 3.830 i new positives detected in the last 24 hours in Lombardy. The number of people hospitalized in intensive care (+3, 146) and in the wards (+50, 1,185) is increasing. THE deaths I am 20 for a total of 34,619 since the start of the pandemic. As for the provinces, there are 1,336 positives reported a Milano (of which 515 in Milan city), 216 in Bergamo, 385 in Brescia, 195 in Como, 121 in Cremona, 85 in Lecco, 85 in Lodi, 221 in Mantua, 384 in Monza and Brianza, 199 in Pavia, 17 in Sondrio and 401 in Varese.

“Today in the Lazio out of 17,735 molecular swabs and 37,661 antigenic swabs for a total of 55,396 swabs, 1.921 new cases (+451) e 10 deaths. There are 816 hospitalized (-5), 109 intensive care (-5) and 899 newly recovered. The ratio of positives to swabs is 3.4%. cases a Roma cities are at an altitude of 879 “. This was announced by the councilor for health, Alessio D’Amato.

I am 1.853 i new cases of Covid ascertained in Piedmont, of which 61.6% asymptomatic, compared to 65,164 swabs carried out. The positivity rate is 2.8%. They are also included in today’s bulletin 3 deaths, none related to today. The pressure on hospitals is increasing: there are 53 (+4) patients admitted to intensive care, while in the other wards there are 597 patients (+18). There are 19,016 people in home isolation, 885 new healed.

In Emilia Romagna have been detected 1,845 new cases out of a total of 41,927 swabs performed in the last 24 hours. The positivity rate is therefore equal to 4.4%. Unfortunately they register 23 deaths which have led to 13,939 victims in the region since the beginning of the pandemic. As for hospitalizations, there are 92 people in intensive care (+4 since yesterday), 1,001 in the other Covid departments (-3). Overall, the active cases are 34,848 (+1,260), 96.9% in home isolation.

I am 1.304 i new positives at Covid discovered in Campania out of 40,433 tests examined. The incidence rate is 3.22%, down from 5.27% yesterday caused by the lower number of swabs performed on Sunday. Seven victims, of which six in the last 48 hours. The pressure on hospitals is growing: there are 381, 23 more, hospitalized patients, while patients in intensive care are 28 (-2).

I am 1.037 i new cases of Covid detected today in Sicily, where in the last 24 hours they also register 8 dead. With 627 cured the currently positives are 16,906 (+402). Of these 426 are hospitalized in the ordinary regime, 48 in intensive care with three new entrants and 16,432 are in home isolation.

In Tuscany I am 662 i new positives identified in the last 24 hours from the analysis of 10,497 molecular swabs and 32,696 rapid antigenic swabs for a positive rate of 1.5%. Today they register 3 deaths: 2 men and one woman with an average age of 89. The currently positive are 13,295. The hospitalized are 359 (5 more than yesterday), of which 47 in intensive care (3 less).

Five people died per Covid in Liguria in the last 24 hours: four men and one woman aged 83 to 99. THE new infections I am 612 and emerged from the analysis of 5,616 molecular swabs and 16,200 rapid tests. The positivity rate is 2.8%. There are 323 hospitalized, three less than yesterday. In intensive care there are 27 patients (21 are not vaccinated and 6 vaccinated, but with previous pathologies).

In the last 24 hours in Market have been identified 518 new cases of Covid, 11.7% compared to the 4,421 swabs processed within the path for new diagnoses. They also register 2 deaths: the total number of deaths since the start of the pandemic crisis rises to 3,176. There are 163 (+4) patients in hospitals: 36 (+1) in intensive care where the employment rate has reached 14.4%, 28 (-1) in semi-intensive areas and 99 (+4) in wards ordinary.

Other three people I am death per Covid in South Tyrol: the death toll thus rises to 1,277 since the beginning of the health emergency. In the last 24 hours they have been ascertained 473 almost: 90 were detected based on 1,347 molecular swabs (including 295 new tests) and 383 based on 18,768 antigen tests. The number of people admitted to intensive care increased, 22 (+1), while the number of patients in normal hospital wards decreased significantly (86, -11).

In Calabria in the last 24 hours out of 8,578 processed swabs were detected 459 new positives. Hospitalizations are increasing: in the medical departments there are 15 new admissions for a total of 190 hospitalized, while in intensive care the number of beds occupied are 20 (-1). It also registers a death which brings the total number of victims since the beginning of the pandemic to 1,532. The newly recovered are 242, the currently positive 6,887 (+216) and the isolates at home 6,677 (+202).

Today in Friuli Venezia Giulia out of 6,440 molecular swabs were detected overall 458 contagion: 360 out of 6,440 molecular swabs detected with a positive percentage of 5.59% and 98 cases out of 23,211 rapid antigenic tests performed (0.42%). Today they are also registered 7 deaths. There are 28 people admitted to intensive care, while patients in other departments are 313.

1.47% of the 27,096 swabs processed in Puglia gave a positive result. It is about 401 new cases, most of which, 111, resident in the province of Lecce. In the last 24 hours they also register 6 victims (6,925 since the start of the pandemic). The currently positive are 5,564 of which 23 in intensive care (4 more than yesterday) and 133 hospitalized in a non-critical area.

Still a peak of new Covid cases in Umbria: I am 245 and contagion detected in the last day, 1.68% of 3,423 molecular swabs and 11,112 antigen tests. It also registers a victim. The number of places occupied in intensive care decreased, seven, one less, while the total number of hospitalized patients remained 55. The healed are 50 and the currently positive rise 2,588, 194 more than yesterday.

I am 239 i contagion detected today in Abruzzo compared to 4,391 molecular swabs and 12,048 antigenic tests processed. The budget of deceased patients registers a new case and rises to 2,610 since the beginning of the emergency. The currently positive are 5,771: of these 122 are hospitalized in the medical area, 13 (+1) in intensive care, while the other 5,636 are in home isolation.

No deaths, but 295 new cases in Trentino. Infections in Basilicata: there are 171, 11% of 1,477 swabs performed. Only 3 cases in Molise. No deaths, but the positives also run in Valle d’Aosta where 103 cases are recorded in the last 24 hours. In Sardinia one victim and 162 infections.

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Covid Italy today: infections on the rise. Bulletin December 14: data on deaths and hospitalizations – National Daily