Corona decision: With the ghost games comes the existential fear of handball, basketball and ice hockey

Corsican sees consequences not only for his club, but for the entire sport: “If we close everything and don’t even allow a ‘background noise’, we lose the children and young people, the entire society to the sport. We are working on various youth and school projects here in the city. A trend was already recognizable recently : The young people stayed away from sport and thus also removed themselves from immensely important physical and mental health factors. “

Basketball: “Players cannot do without again”

While the Corsican has the advantage in handball that the league will be interrupted in January because of the European Championship, basketball is hectic. From now on, fans are no longer allowed in the halls.

Alba in Berlin is considering how to make up for this financially: “When we were in complete lockdown last season, our players foregoing 20 percent of their annual salary. Now, however, they are playing and, due to the hygiene regulations and precautionary measures, the players have to spend even more time than in ‘normal’ seasons Performance and should also be paid accordingly “says manager Baldi.

Stopping the game is also not a solution

Should it even be better to stop the game entirely? “No,” says Baldi, that would hardly help: “Our partners and service providers with whom we have contracts helped us in the last lockdown by foregoing recourse payments. We don’t know whether they would do that again if we had to stop gaming again.”

The situation in ice hockey seems even more dramatic. Mannheim’s boss Binder openly admits: “We only survived last season together with major wage cuts by the players, thanks to our loyal partners, fans and sponsors, who have fully participated in many things, and through government aid. This season is again a completely different economy than the previous one. “

“Complete removal of our business basis”

Because the maximum number of spectators in Baden-Württemberg has been 750 for two weeks now, Mannheim has been playing without fans since then. “We have had ghost games in Mannheim for two weeks now, since opening up to this number of people would be more economically damaging than conducting pure ghost games. In fact, 750 people have been completely deprived of our business fundamentals for a long time., so Binder.

Given his concerns about liquidity, the ice hockey manager calls for immediate outside help: “The emergency aid for professional sports has not yet been increased. The 1.8 million euros called up last year for the ticket failure have been exhausted, which only compensated for a fraction of the actual ticketing failure. New aid has not yet been decided, which is extremely aggravating the situation . This emergency aid must be continued and increased as quickly as possible. Otherwise we will soon no longer be there. “

Stand: 22.12.2021, 13:22

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Corona decision: With the ghost games comes the existential fear of handball, basketball and ice hockey