Christiansen’s GPS found at MFF supporter

MALMÖ / STOCKHOLM. During Malmö FF’s gold celebration, Anders Christiansen got rid of his GPS.

Now it has been found: with the supporter Issa Zeid Baker, 26, who promises to return it – but has a claim.

– I would very much like to meet him (Christiansen). Because I get nothing from this, Baker tells Sportbladet.

– He can keep the vest as long as the GPS itself comes in, Christiansen says.

0-0 at home against Halmstad was enough. Malmö FF secured all-Swedish gold in the final round and wild celebration broke out on Malmö Stadium’s lawn.

In the middle of the gold celebration, Anders Christiansen got rid of his GPS (which measures maximum speed, high-intensity runs, running patterns and so on), which the players wear during training and matches.

Malmö FF’s fitness coach Jamie Mackay called for the missing GPS on Twitter.

Now it has been found.

The GPS is still in Malmö. With Issa Zeid Baker, 26, who describes himself as a great supporter of MFF and he supports the team in “wet and dry”.

– Actually, it was not me who took it from him, but it was my friend. Then he and another guy started pulling it and then my friend – who is strong – took it.

– Then we met at the home of another friend and we sat and checked the media and then it says that Malmö FF wants the GPS back. And then he dies of laughter and says that it’s me who took it.

“It has been found then? Cruelly!”

Fitness coach Jamie Mackay starts laughing when Sportbladet conveys where the GPS is.

– It has been found then? Cruelly! It measures maximum speed, number of high-intensity runs, running pattern … Now he only played 20 minutes against HBK so we have been able to produce an average value, but good that it comes back !, he says.

The image on Anders Christiansen’s GPS.

Issa Zeid Baker herself has extended a hand – to a friend who is supposed to be familiar with Anders Christiansen – to return the GPS.

– I told Christiansen’s friend that we have his GPS and that my friend – in case it should work – wants a match shirt that is signed by AC. Then he said that he does not have one but that he should fix something. We have not received any information yet.

If you do not get a match shirt, do you keep the GPS then?

– No, I will not keep it. It feels wrong morally. But my friend would rather have a match shirt. I do not want anything, but do it just because it feels quite moral.

– I would rather have just wanted to meet him (Anders Christiansen) and talk to him. Kind of thank him for this season.

The wish: to meet AC and a tour of the Stadium

Do you want to send a question to Christiansen?

– Yes, that I really want to meet him. Because I get nothing from this, says Issa Zeid Baker and bursts out laughing.

– Get to talk to him and kind of get to experience the Stadium. I would very much like to talk to MFF and visit. It had meant a lot to me. I do not want a sweater. I do this because I love AC and morally it would feel wrong to have the GPS.

Anders Christiansen himself has followed the hunt for the missing GPS with a smile.

– It has become a big thing! First of all, I myself am not involved, it is Mark (Read) and Jamie (Mackay) who made the request, says the Dane.

We’ve found it.

– I heard a rumor that you found it, Malmö is small!

– The supporter may not be able to use it for that much – he can keep the vest as long as the GPS itself comes in.

Issa Zeid Baker.

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Christiansen’s GPS found at MFF supporter