Challenge McGregor with Facchinetti’s ‘Captain’s Song’

Lively exchange of tweets between Conor McGregor and the American wrestler Max Holloway, who in the end provokes the Irish champion by posting the video of Facchinetti’s “Captain’s Song”, with a clear reference to the story of the attack against the singer: “I will use it to get in the ring when we compete, so you get excited “

The entrance to the ring, with “The Captain’s Song”, the hit by Francesco Facchinetti, as a soundtrack. It is the latest provocation thought by Max Holloway, a well-known American mixed martial arts fighter and therefore a “colleague” of Mcgregor, with which in a heated exchange of tweets he challenged the Irish champion.

McGregor-Holloway, the back-and-forth on Twitter

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Needless to say, the story that saw McGregor attack Facchinetti during a dinner – up to that moment with friends – in a private room at the St. Regis Hotel in Rome (on which the authorities are investigating after the singer’s complaint) has had a huge media coverage. And even in the world of mixed martial arts, where Conor’s character is well known, it is still debated. Like this, when Max Holloway was provoked by Mc Gregor with an ironic comment in response to one of his tweets, he saw fit to respond by bringing up “the captain hook”. Then giving life to a series of question and answer – for now only social – in which many tweets were then removed by the authors. It all begins when Holloway, who is preparing a match against Yair Rodriguez, posted some posts to update fans; “Light work,” McGregor told him, with a serve that assisted Holloway to launch the challenge. So here’s what Holloway publishes the video of the “captain’s song”, the hit with which Facchinetti depopulated in the summer of 2004, accompanied by these words: “Light beats. It will be my walkout for our meeting. It should get you excited to fight“, Where” walkout “means the song that the wrestlers use to enter the ring.

The precedent between the two

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The discussion continued with other provocations and colorful expressions, tweets later removed by McGregor: the challenge, in any case, seems to have been launched. Between the two there is also a precedent, in 2013, when they faced each other in featherweights and McGregor defeated Holloway by unanimous decision. A possible “replay” with Holloway making his entrance singing “Raise your hand … follow your captain … move your pelvis in time”, well, it would be priceless.

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Challenge McGregor with Facchinetti’s ‘Captain’s Song’