Bundesliga: Rapid turns crisis duel against LASK

Thomas Goiginger brought the LASK into the front (17th), that was the wake-up call for a Rapid-Eleven, which had been weak up until then. Kara managed to equalize the stronger Viennese (41st) before the break whistle. It was also the ÖFB team striker who screwed himself up after a free kick from Thorsten Schick and headed to make it 2-1 (78th). After Marco Grüll (86.) scored a free-kick, LASK defender Felix Luckeneder managed to correct the result three minutes later. Thanks to the three points, Rapid is now fifth in the table, tied with sixth Austria Wien. The LASK is still at the bottom of the table.

The guests from Upper Austria determined the game in the initial phase. The visitors had their first chance to note in the opening minute, Lukas Grgic’s shot went right past the goal. After that, the Linz team kept setting standard situations for operation in the Rapid third. In the 13th minute, Rapids goalie Paul Gartler got a slightly too central shot from Sascha Horvath.

LASK takes the lead

On the side of Rapids, captain Maximilian Hofmann made his comeback with a face mask to protect his broken nose. The Linz team had to replace their midfielder James Holland due to an injury after a quarter of an hour, with Hong Hyun-seok replacing him. Seconds later, the lead fell out of a turmoil: Rapid did not bring the ball out of the danger zone, Goiginger shot in from a few meters.

Gartler subsequently defused a degree from Mamoudou Karamoko (20th). After that, efforts were also evident among the Viennese to want to move something offensively. They weren’t very specific, and the LASK defense, which had been weakened as a replacement, was well organized. An attack in the 28th minute – with a final attempt by Kelvin Arase – silted up, a Hofmann header (29th) missed the goal.

The athletes remained extremely dangerous with their switching moments and the standards that often result from them. In the 36th minute, Luckeneder headed the crossbar, while Hofmann (40th) at the other end was completely unaffected. Then Kara managed to equalize after Grüll-Lochpass in a one-on-one against Alexander Schlager. He fended off a Fountas shot to the corner in stoppage time in the first half.

Kara puts together a double pack

There was an opportunity furioso after the break. Hong (49.), Arase (52.), Peter Michorl (53.), Taxiarchis Fountas (55.) and Karamoko (56./66.) Missed the more or less good opportunities. Rapid played since the restart without Hofmann and with Filip Stojkovic as a central defender. He cut Karamoko cleanly from the ball in the penalty area in the 69th minute, but referee Alan Kijas pointed to the penalty spot. He later corrected the decision, but according to the pictures, he also withdrew the yellow card.

On the other side, the LASK offside trap initially prevented Fountas from taking a hit (75th). After Kara’s header goal, the spectators were allowed to cheer shortly afterwards. After a foul on Kara, Grüll sank the free kick under the bar directly into the left corner. Luckeneder maneuvered the ball into the goal to make it 3: 2 after Gartler couldn’t get hold of the ball. After the final whistle, things got turbulent again, Rapids Robert Ljubicic saw the red card after a scuffle with LASK agent Rene Renner.

Bundesliga, 13th round


Rapid – LASK 3:2 (1:1)

Vienna, Allianz Stadium, 11,900 spectators, SR Kijas

0:1 Goiginger (17.)
1: 1 Kara (41.)
2: 1 Kara (78.)
3: 1 Grüll (86.)
3: 2 Luckeneder (89.)

Rapid: Gartler – Stojkovic, Aiwu, Hofmann (46./Schick), Ullmann – Grahovac, Ljubicic – Arase (72./Ballo), Fountas (91./J. Auer), Grüll – Kara (86./Moormann)

LASK: Schlager – Potzmann (87./Griger), Boller, Luckeneder, Renner – Holland (17./Hong), Grgic – Horvath (62./Nakamura), Michorl, Goiginger – Karamoko

Red card: Ljubicic (assault / after the end of the game)

Yellow cards: none or Michorl, Schlager, Luckeneder, Renner

The best: Kara, Grüll or Boller, Karamoko

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Bundesliga: Rapid turns crisis duel against LASK