Bublik, not just tennis: “I wake up at 11 and I love Nba basketball and sushi”

The Kazakh tennis player is currently number 36 in the ATP ranking

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He is number 36 in world tennis and he is also the tennis player who, at the end of March at the Masters 1000 in Miami, told our Jannik Sinner: “You are not human. Are you 19 and do you play like that? ”. Alexander Bublik is 24 years old and has been in the professional world for five years. Unpredictable on and off the pitch, the St. Petersburg-born player with a Kazakh passport is also a huge NBA basketball fan, cheers for the Golden State Warriors and has LeBron James (who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers) as his idol.

But can you also practice any other sport besides tennis?
“As a professional tennis player I don’t play any other sports at the moment. I am a big basketball fan, I follow a lot of games and I think it is the most interesting sport after tennis. I recently attended a hockey match in Astana while I was in Kazakhstan to play the Astana Open 2021 tournament. I was very fascinated by this sport, I will start following it much more from now on ”.

How is your typical day organized?
“I think I’m very lucky because I manage to combine a lot of free time and at the same time do my favorite thing. I wake up calmly around 11, eat and enjoy some free time. I start my workout at around 3pm with a one-hour warm-up session, followed by two hours on the tennis court. In the weeks before the tournaments my training increases, to get ready for the matches ”.

On the other hand, how is post-training and match recovery organized?
“Difficult question (laughs), I don’t focus too much on recovery in the training weeks. After the tournaments, on the other hand, I gather all the strength I have left and I allow myself to recover with a bit of cycling and stretching, especially for the arms “.

She has been a Yoxoi ambassador for some years now, a choice that binds her to Italy …
“Yoxoi has been following me and supporting me for a long time. I love Made in Italy and I believe they are doing an excellent job with the technical research of fabrics: the quality of the material is exceptional because it is not synthetic, I feel it when I am on the pitch. It keeps me cool throughout the game by evaporating excess sweat quickly ”.

How important is proper nutrition for a top-level tennis player?
“I have my own idea about this question: more than diet and healthy eating, I think it’s important to eat something you like. Of course I don’t talk about junk food every day, it would be impossible for anyone, let alone an athlete. However, I believe that a balanced diet by eating what you like is the right way to make you happy and it is also the most important one. In my experience, eating a diet you don’t enjoy just for better performance is not only bad for the body, but especially for the mind. Mens sana in corpore sano”.

So what are your favorite foods?
“Definitely the sushi. Of course I like Russian cuisine and my wife cooks it very well. I eat practically everything, but I definitely prefer fish to meat, also for its nutritional properties “.

How do you train the mental part instead?
“I am young and I feel very lucky. I recently married the woman I love and who is my strength and I do what I have always dreamed of. When I was a child I always wanted to be a tennis player, I managed to achieve this and I have a lot of fun ”.

And what do you usually do in your free time?
“I try to spend time with my wife. I feel very lucky to be so young and to have found the woman of my life. From relaxing at home to weekend trips.”

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Bublik, not just tennis: “I wake up at 11 and I love Nba basketball and sushi”