Boxing: Farouk Kourbanov crowned European super-featherweight champion this Saturday at Herstal!

Belgium has, since this Saturday evening, a new European boxing champion in the person of Farouk Kourbanov. In Herstal, the 30-year-old super-featherweight won, by split decision (116-112, 114-114, 115-113), against the Italian Nicola Henchiri to win the 19th victory of his career (for 3 defeats), undoubtedly the most prestigious. The Verviers had already tried to win the EBU title for the first time in October 2019, in Agen, but the French Samir Ziani had been superior. The latter having abandoned his belt, it was therefore put into play during the gala organized behind closed doors at the Préalle. And if Henchiri, as solid as he was powerful, seemed able for a long time to challenge the Belgian victory, it was Farouk Kourbanov who reaped the favors of two of the three judges, these having undoubtedly rewarded his activity and his precision.

“It is a real shame that this meeting had to take place without an audience but I am grateful to the organizers for giving me this chance to fight for the European title this Saturday”, explains Farouk Kourbanov, the EBU belt on the shoulder. “The preparation was not easy, especially with this change of opponent in the last few weeks, but my sacrifices paid off and I achieved my goal, that is the main thing. I am very happy !”

In the other high-stake fights of the evening, Stefan Voda won the Belgian featherweight champion’s belt by dominating, in ten rounds, Geram Eloyan (96-94, 97-93, 97-93). A decision that does not suffer any discussion as the boxer from BC Bufi, in excellent physical condition, led the exchanges and stifled his opponent by boxing at a very high pace. Using his front arm very well and multiplying the combinations, also parrying the opposing offensives thanks to a keen sense of evasion, the Hennuyer practically never relaxed his attention.

“I knew that my opponent had had a good preparation abroad and that he was going to come up with his best game, it put even more pressure on me and it made me want to surpass myself even more”, comments Stefan Voda after his 9th pro success. “I also had a high quality training camp and I thank all my team for having invested so much time and energy in the preparation as well as my relatives for their support. I’m proud to have won this fight. “

Benelux for Massenaux

The title of Benelux super-welterweight champion was also at stake this Saturday and Amaury Massenaux, with the generosity and determination he knows, seized his chance against the French left-hander Lakhdar Ouzar. This one was not unworthy but two of the three judges were, it seems, more sensitive to the constant pressure, admittedly not always well channeled, imposed by Massenaux (97-95, 93-97, 96-94 ).

It was also necessary to use the score of the judges to decide between Quentin Gomes and Surik Petrosyan from their respective Georgian opponent, Rati Migriauli and Nika Nakashidze, and the two French-speaking boxers came out to their advantage unanimously by the judges. Petrosyan was however off for a small fright after being counted in the second recovery following a left hook which he took full force. We will also underline the quality of the fights offered throughout the evening, only the German middleweight Ilhami Aydemir leaving the ring following a knockout, inflicted on Merab Turkadze in the 4th round.

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Boxing: Farouk Kourbanov crowned European super-featherweight champion this Saturday at Herstal!