Black adds minutes, he wants to be at the barracks! I made myself a training monster, he claims –

How is your body?

I feel better and better, everything is going well. Exactly as we decided with the coach and the medical team. We agreed that we would do our best during the winter break to be 100% ready at the beginning of the new year. I like this plan. I am a player who wants to go to the maximum.

Will you jump in from the first minute in January?

I think before. We still have a home cup and two league duels in the break. I believe one of them will start from the first minute. We’ll see how long I last. Then we look at the reaction of the knee and the whole body. I have to knock on my teeth, my knee is fine so far.

But don’t you regret the winter breaks? You will fall out of the rhythm of the game again.

I have to say I’ve been running non-stop since the summer. First I worked to get back to the team at all. Then I tried to return to the matches. The coach and I have agreed that I will take three or four days off, and I will go to the Czech Republic with my girlfriend for Christmas. Immediately after them, I will return to the Netherlands to train.

Czech football player Vaclav Cerny.Photo: FC Twente

Was the current convalescence different than during the first severe knee injury?

The meniscus was less damaged, which of course helped. But in a way, I would compare both treatments. The crusader is about how everyone can take it. How much he wants to come back. There are falls in convalescence with him. So it is also largely a mental side.

Did you manage mentally?

I and the people around me did very well. I really appreciate it. It’s just football again.

Did you know from previous experience when you should be relieved or what awaits you?

I agree. Of course there was an advantage, I took it that way. I knew what I had been through once. Rather, I wanted to raise the boundaries. Let’s make an even bigger training monster than before. That worked too.

You lost your participation in the European Championships due to injuries. Did you have the strength to watch the matches of the Czech national team at the EURO?

I was sick of it a few days after the injury. But I’m such that if the blow comes, I can quickly knock it out. I saw nothing in front of me other than returning to the field. I’ve kept this in my head for nine or ten months. I kept thinking that it was all about me and that I wanted to come back even better. Of course it hurt that the EURO missed me, there was a chance to go to it. But you grow with heavy blows, as they say.

Do you have the motivation to be at the March World Championships? In the semifinals, the national team awaits a duel in Sweden.

Of course. I want to be important to Twente, be healthy and enjoy football after the winter break. These three things come first. I clearly set goals, but all I can do is do well. Scoring or passing goals, boarding regularly. The rest is not up to me anymore.

Let’s go to the Dutch league. On Sunday you beat Waalwijk at home (2: 1), you are fifth in the table. Is there satisfaction in the club?

We talked about it in the cabin. Satisfaction is clear. But we know very well what happened to us last year. We also did well in the fall, but then we were hit by injuries. Shortly after the winter break, I tore my cruciate ligament in my knee, then two other important players dropped out for a long time. We stopped winning, the points did not increase. We have a good time this season, we are fifth, we would like to stay upstairs. We take care of the motivation.

Representative midfielder Michal Sadílek also works in Twente. How important is it for the team?

Michal is one of the few guys who keeps high performance. It is very important for our team. It is vital, it circulates a lot. can be used in several positions. I’m glad he’s here. I think he’s glad he’s in Twente, too.

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Black adds minutes, he wants to be at the barracks! I made myself a training monster, he claims –