Big Brother Vip, eighteenth episode – Delia Duran meets Soleil but not Alex! Outside Nicola, three on televoting (without elimination)

Delia, Alex e Soleil – GF Vip 6

The Big Brother Vip 6 comes to eighteenth episode and here on the appointment with the Friday liveblogging is renewed, to follow and update in direct minute by minute everything that happens in the studio and especially in the house during the evening.

GF Vip 6: the minute-by-minute live broadcast of the eighteenth episode

21.33: Short preview.

21.36: Signorini is already in the center of the studio, where he indicates “The woman of the moment” Delia Duran, who is said to have lost four kilos from this whole affair between her husband and Soleil. In particular, he is angry with the “Vippo” for some words he has reserved for her in the last few days.

21.38: First connection with the house and immediately we talk about Alex and Soleil… and Gianmaria. The girl, in fact, in the last few days has reconnected with the ex, unleashing the disappointment of Belli but also of Sophie. La Sorge explains: “I am the first who has always judged and criticized Gianmaria (…) Our relationship goes beyond …”. Alex doesn’t say he’s jealous. Alfonso stings them: “You Soleil approaches Gianmaria, Alex goes to Sophie out of spite. Something is not right “.

21.50: Alex and Soleil have however clarified and further approached. And they do not hide it, reaffirming that they are comfortable together. “This is a real couple (…) Only friendship seems reductive to me”Sonia intervenes. “But I would say let’s exclude the word friendship”, says Adriana. Katia is clear: “I think there are no more doubts, so it’s better to play with your cards face up”.

21.57: Delia, still in the studio, can’t stand this situation and considers her husband fallen into Soleil’s trap.

21.59: Signorini closes the televoting and invites the three competitors at risk in Super Led. While Gianmaria admits that he would be sorry to go out, Nicola is keen to apologize for Friday: “I’m sorry for what I said, in fact I apologize to you again (…) I wouldn’t rename it”. Alfonso teases the “vippona”: “Miriana, don’t you feel like shit?”. “Not at all, I’m sorry”she replies, who does not hold back in saying that she would prefer Gianmaria to stay in the house rather than Nicola.

Nicola - GF Vip 6

Nicola – GF Vip 6

22.06: Back from the others, it’s time for a first verdict: Miriana is safe. The vip rejoices!

22.10: The tenant invites Soleil to leave the house. The contestant does not know that she will soon have a face to face with Delia. In the studio, Bruganelli is keen to say she is on Soleil’s side. Come on?!

22.14: Giucas and Francesca are in the confessional to relive their friendship a little. Cipriani has the opportunity to take revenge on him for the cut strand of hair and pays him back with the same coin. Casella, however, is almost in tears! One moment, we add, excessive.

22.28: We talk about Manuel and the relationship that has come to an end with Lulu. The sportsman, in the confessional, reiterates that the girl does not listen to him “And unfortunately I’m forced to believe the facts”. Commercial break.

22.36: Signorini announces to the public that the Big Brother Vip he will go on “Until mid-March”.

22.39: Soleil arrives in the studio. Delia immediately on the attack: “You’re a lioness, but I’m my fat panther. You’re asking me to apologize. Because? Speak out”. He accuses her in particular of not stopping with her husband. “You should think a little less about me and a little more about your husband”, replies the competitor. “I’m sorry to see your low and shoddy personality”, he adds, noting that “Alex and I have done nothing wrong”. Duran invites her to put herself in his shoes, while Sorge reproaches her for not being able to defend her husband or marriage.

22.50: For Delia, Soleil is in love with Alex. “She is the manipulator, she knows how to play very well (…) I’m sorry for him who has fallen into his trap”he adds. However, he is keen to say that he considers her a beautiful woman and tells him so “As a friend”. Bah!

22.56: While Sorge leaves the studio and returns to the house, Duran, in fact, says she is not angry with her husband because “We know, it is the woman who provokes. He’s been there, he hasn’t seen me for a month … “. “Enough with these stereotypes”snaps the Fox. Commercial break.

23.05: Soleil returns to the house and confronts Alex about what happened. Alfonso, on the other hand, asks Delia “Why do you always blame Soleil?”. Mrs Belli specifies that the fault lies with both of them and that she trusts him anyway, so – at least tonight – she has no intention of meeting him.

23.12: Delia dismissed, Alex hopes that the two “rivals” can become friends. Accused of being taken by Soleil, the competitor reiterates that “There is nothing that goes beyond friendship”.

23.18: The episode continues with Manuel and Lulù. Today the sportsman has almost collapsed, physically and mentally, due to too much pressure from the girl. “You fell in love with a particular person (…) You can’t behave like a novice teenager”, says Signorini to the princess. “I feel attacked like I’m the bitch on duty”she replies. He adds: “I did not move away from him, as he wanted, because I was afraid he would go too far”. To Signorini who talks about stalker, Lulù blurts out: “I who really suffered it … I don’t accept that word there”. Commercial break.

23.33: Sonia is keen to tell Aldo to stay even closer to Manuel: “I would like you to have less scruples about giving him a hand (…) and helping Lulu to understand too”.

23.40: We pass to another (non) couple, Nicola-Miriana. He felt “partly” made fun of. “I’ve never made fun of you, now for now”, says Miriana. Weight is clear: “My feelings don’t change”. Trevisan does not believe it and in any case does not see a future for the couple. “I would go out as a friend”he adds.

23.48: Manuel and Nicola are called to the Mystery Room to relive the beautiful confrontation they had. “Thanks to the last ones because you know how to give us moments of life”, the conductor tells them.

00.00: It’s time to find out the final verdict of televoting. First, however, the two competitors are asked “Who will you miss the most?”. Gianmaria says Aldo, Nicola mentions Alex’s name. Commercial break.

00.08: Signorini opens the envelope: Nicola eliminated with 31% of the votes, against 37% of Miriana and 32% of Gianmaria. The competitor greets and hugs everyone, including Trevisan, and leaves the house.

Miriana - GF Vip 6

Miriana – GF Vip 6

00.12: Miriana reaches the confessional and admits that she has almost changed her mind, hoping that Nicola can have the return ticket. “I will miss”she says, but always as a friend.

00.17: The host invites Davide to the love ship to talk about his girlfriend Alessia, who gave him her scarf. “I see her little nose and her curly hair”says the actor smelling it. “You are the most beautiful woman in the world and I can’t wait to see you”he adds.

00.25: All competitors are called to the garden “For a surprise”, says Signorini. Then the freeze is triggered; the surprise is for Silvestri. The girlfriend arrives: “I am here to tell you that I am proud and proud of you. You are a great (…) We all love you to death, they all greet you “. Once “thawed”, David declares: “I’m really going to do it to you as a promise of marriage: I Lilì love you so much”.

Alessia, Davide's girlfriend - GF Vip 6

Alessia, Davide’s girlfriend – GF Vip 6

00.32: House favorites, so immune this evening, are Manuel, Aldo, Giucas, Alex and Miriana. Added to them is the choice of commentators: Gianmaria because, explains Sonia, “I want to see how they name each other”.

00.38: All the nominees in Super Led for the obvious nominations. The three most voted will go to televoting. Soleil appoints Sophie ma “A little more reluctantly than usual”. Katia names Sophie why “I hardly find myself talking to her”. Princesses name Manila because “Of all women she is the only one who named us”. Carmen appoints Sophie. Manila names Sophie because “He still can’t go further with Gianmaria”. Sophie appoints Soleil by exclusion. Francesca names Davide even though she no longer considers him a bedside table. David names the princesses for Lulu because, according to him, he doesn’t listen to them.

00.47: The nominations continue in the secret of the confessional with the immune. The first to be called is Manuel: he names the princesses why “If today I was sick there is a reason”. Commercial break.

00.54: We talk about the discussion between Katia and Alex during La Boheme. Ricciarelli is still angry: “You are talking to someone who has been doing this job for 50 years. I act, don’t act with me “, he tells Belli. Then, nicely, he gives him a slap!

1.01: Again nomination with Aldo: nominate Soleil also because this story with Alex “It looks like a fiction, an 80s soap opera”. Alex: nominate the princesses for Lulu’s attitude towards Manuel. Miriana: nominates Soleil even though she would have liked to nominate Alex.

1.06: Nicola arrives in the studio, who immediately opens his return ticket: elimination confirmed. Patrizia Mirigliani’s son considers the GF VIP a “Beautiful experience”, even though he’s glad he got out. Sonia is keen to congratulate him, while Adriana invites him to live life with courage.

1.12: Amedeo Goria remembers Giampiero Galeazzi, who passed away today. Commercial break.

1.17: In the confessional there is Gianmaria: appoint Sophie why “Must have respect for myself”. Giucas closes: he appoints David by exclusion.

1.24: Sophie, the princesses and Soleil go to televoting. Commercial break.

1.31: Signorini communicates the verdict of their nominations to the competitors. Then opens the televoting, which does not provide for elimination: who to save?

1.37: The episode ends here. Good night to all.

GF Vip 6: anticipations of the eighteenth episode of Friday 12 November 2021

Live on Canale 5, starting at around 9.45pm, Alfonso Signorini leads the eighteenth episode of Big Brother Vip 6. At his side, in the guise of commentators, Adriana Volpe e Sonia Bruganelli.

The evening will be characterized by the return to the home of Delia Duran, the wife of Alex Belli, ready to remove more pebbles from her shoes after her husband has again approached what she called “dead cat” Soleil Rises. Other couples will be at the center of the episode: Davide Silvestri will receive a surprise visit from the fiancée, after confessing that he never managed to say “I love you”; the increasingly confused situation of Manuel Bortuzzo e Lulu; and then the tension, after what happened on Friday evening, between Nicola Pisu e Miriana Trevisan.

Furthermore, the latter are al televoting with Gianmaria Antinolfi and the verdict will decide thedeleted. Finally, the new round of nomination.

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Big Brother Vip, eighteenth episode – Delia Duran meets Soleil but not Alex! Outside Nicola, three on televoting (without elimination)