Bavaria’s Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) –

The number of new corona infections in Germany is currently higher than ever before in the pandemic. Nevertheless, the sports halls are still open and the stadiums are also getting fuller. “I think it is definitely important that sport takes place,” said Bavaria’s Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) on Deutschlandfunk. Herrmann took part in the conference of sports ministers in Koblenz on Friday.

The audience, on the other hand, is a different topic, according to Herrmann. “We will carefully observe how the infection process develops. I do not want to rule out the possibility that we will come to stronger requirements and go from 3G to 3G-Plus or in some situations also to 2G. That could be for sporting events and other events are coming, because of course you are even safer with the 2G requirement. “

“Sport is important for health”

According to Herrmann, it should be prevented that the sport is “banned altogether”. “We have dealt intensively with the importance of sport and people’s movement for physical fitness. And that’s why you can not only play sport against Corona here, but we also have to see that sport is also important for people’s health . “

(picture alliance / augenklick / firo Sportphoto | firo Sportphoto / Christopher Neundorf)Next explosive to file violent sports
The Dortmund police registered almost 700 Schalke fans in the “Violent Sport” file at the Revierderby in 2017. The reason for this: a supposedly conspiratorial journey. A court case has now burst, it would have declared the storage to be illegal.

It is all the more important that organizers carefully check the 3G or 2G certificates, according to Herrmann. In some Bundesliga stadiums, this was not always the case in the end due to the large crowd. “That doesn’t work at all,” said Herrmann. “There has to be enough control personnel there. We expect this to be the case with private organizers and we will also follow-up controls on the part of the state with the support of the police.” Organizers who neglect their duty of inspection then face a fine.

“Not entirely satisfied” with the number of medals

Another topic at the conference of sports ministers was the performance of the German athletes at the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo. “We were happy about every success,” said Hermann. However, in comparison with other nations, “the number of medals – in quotation marks – cannot be completely satisfied.”

Above all, sport must be fun, says Herrmann. “But we have a relatively high financial outlay for competitive sports. And of course we want that if you give tax money to all of the Olympic training centers, you also want these successes from athletes, also in the interests of the people in Germany as a whole see.”

Germany - Sulzbach - 10.10.2020 / Turnen - Hessen - 3rd Bundesliga North Group B - Season 2020/2021 / TSG Sulzbach - Isselhorst from 1894 / horse / from left symbol photo - when grabbing the horse TSG Sulzbach - Isselhorst from 1894 *** Germany Sulzbach 10 10 2020 Gymnastics Hesse 3 Bundesliga North Group B Season 2020 2021 TSG Sulzbach Isselhorst from 1894 Horse vl Symbol photo grasping the horse Sport TSG Sulzbach Isselhorst from 1894 (IMAGO / Marcel Lorenz) (IMAGO / Marcel Lorenz)Tax money only for medals?
The Federal Ministry of the Interior and DOSB presented the results of the so-called potential analysis (Potas). A commission assesses the sports associations’ chances of success. Unsuccessful disciplines could now get less money – that is why there is criticism of the method.

According to Hermann, one way of ensuring more medals is to promote associations with good medal chances more, and associations with poor medal chances less. “That is a possible measure, but I don’t think that it will solve the problems in the long run.” Experts would now have to find out where the problems lie. “There can also be a sport where you say that it is no longer in at all, there are no more offspring either. Then we don’t have to put so much money in there either. But we shouldn’t leave it at that . But it is of course clear where you are particularly successful, where there are strong offspring and where the medals come from, it makes sense to give more financial support, of course. “

DOSB top as “team”

This analysis is also the task of the new DOSB Presidium, which will be elected at the general assembly at the beginning of December. “It is important that a strong leadership is again able to speak for the sporting world in Germany as a whole and also to promote sport,” said Hermann. It is about top-level as well as popular sport.

Stefan Klett, President of the State Sports Association of North Rhine-Westphalia (WDR) (WDR)Stefan Klett wants to be president
Alfons Hörmann is withdrawing, the German Olympic Sports Confederation needs new management staff. With Stefan Klett, the President of the State Sports Federation of North Rhine-Westphalia, a candidate is applying who actually did not want to be in the first place.

Herrmann therefore wants a team. “We need several men and women who understand something about association work and are also able to cooperate well with politics, the Bundestag, the Ministry of Sports and the federal states.” It is important that a team is created that represents the wide variety of sport in Germany, “but is then able to act together.”

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Bavaria’s Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) –