Bank: Can be a rivalry between the two biggest we have

Overcast, a few plus degrees, no precipitation.

Milos Milojevic enjoyed the nice weather in Malmö when he finished as the new coach of Sweden’s leading football club.

How long does he stay?

We’ll see.


As an outside and cool spectator with a hot interest in our football, you could afford that kind of reaction when this year’s first and largest and petrol-soaked firewood landed in the middle of the Allsvenskan fire.

A new Hammarby coach got a new job yesterday, and large parts of the Bajen family exploded in a mixture of congratulations, declarations of love and happy cries.

Look at that: Stefan Billborn to Sarpsborg!

(Giggles again).

I’m going to stop crawling.

When Jon Dahl Tomasson announced his break and the starting shot went for Malmö FFI wrote that it should be a factor that they should look for a solution with the conditions to be more long-term than the coach carousel of the last decade, that there would be an intrinsic value in having a person in charge on the floor who can build projects over more than two seasons. “They are too big for one night stands,” I stated.

It will burn

And now they are here Milos Milojevic, a football player who barely had time to have a coffee at home Jesper Jansson before moving on to a date in Trondheim. It is clear that it aroused emotions, it is clear that it means that the meetings between MFF and Hammarby will be loaded with something new and tickling. Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s step over that limit was never really allowed to set fire to those matches, as they were played without a pandemic crowd, but sometime in the near future a betrayed coach will lead most champions out to the match against the ambitious, sprained crowd club he just left .

It will burn, it will sound, it will be another spice for the Allsvenskan season 2022. There are historically inherited rivalries, but this may be something else: a rivalry between the two perhaps biggest future projects we have.

That’s one thing, that’s what we know.

The second is, of course, about what Milos Milojevic can really become as a coach in Malmö FF.

Short answer: A good one.

Leaves huge question marks

It is basically a matter of there being a motivated and reasonable trust in the sports management in MFF. Andreas Georgson and Daniel Andersson have a clear picture of what their football team should be and how it should develop, and there is a history of Malmö picking coaches who came with question marks and left with Swedish Championship gold. Milos Milojevic has a football-like profile that rhymes with the skeleton he takes over: an emphasis on speed and control, a willingness to reinforce the dominant feature of the basic game. He has already located a problem area in the inability to hold match pictures for 90 minutes or over a longer period of time, and I have no doubt that MFF will come to the start of the series with a nasty physio-prepared football team.

When Georgson explained the choice, he used the number one sports director’s buzzword number one in recent seasons: “Requirements”. I find it very difficult because it seems to have been the first thing you do, as if “being able to make demands” would be a super quality for a football coach, no matter what the other, crucial aspects of a leadership look like. The angry carpenter is great at setting requirements. Take him.

Milos Milojevic is a strong character, he is not afraid to take conflicts or make decisions based on conviction rather than nostalgia (ask Jeppe Andersen) and there is no doubt at all that he will build MFF based on his own vision, his own conviction. He has worked and performed in one of the toughest demands environments in European football, as an assistant to Deki Stankovic in Crvena Zvezda and Belgrade where everything – as Milos himself stated – is “taken with the knife”.

Crvena Zvezda is an even bigger historical elephant than MFF, but in Malmö he will land in a more organized football world, with at least as many opportunities.

He will handle it with hard hands, with that combination of understanding of a Swedish climate and a view of the big world that is difficult to find on the coaching map.

The starting point is taken on the basis of a dirty divorce that leaves huge question marks behind. Neither Milos nor MFF sorted them out at yesterday’s press conference, but for their part, the relationship begins now and not in a snowy Trondheim. He will have access to a Champions League squad, he will have players (Veljko Birmancevic!) To get to know and develop, he will have SM gold on the requirements list.

It is a brave recruitment, a choice that shows confidence and strength. Is Milos Milojevic a strong character? Thank you, but Malmö FF is an even stronger club.

It can be good. It will be revived.


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Bank: Can be a rivalry between the two biggest we have