Back muscles, how and why to train them: the trainer program

Strong and defined back muscles ensure the coveted “V” shape. Not only aesthetic purposes: well trained they support every effort

Large back muscles, strong upper body traction muscles. Training them allows you to get aesthetic results notable, but even greater strength, explosiveness and endurance in sports. Many exercises to have them at the top: deadlifts to train strength, rowing with barbell, lat pulls to develop width, pulley to ensure volume in the back. Difficult to isolate the lats, other muscles are involved: trapezius, posterior deltoid area,lumbar. “Training is for everyone: they are enough targeted exercises and if you train at home a small tool: a simple, adjustable and non-slip pull-up bar – he explains Elena Buscone, massage therapist, trainer, yoga and pilates teacher -, with which in addition to the back muscles, the hip flexors and the abdominal muscles. You can use a stool to facilitate movement or a training ball for more intense work that amplifies the results: the constant search for balance is essential. No wobbles, movements back and forth with the body, the grip must always be firm and secure, the movement coordinated. Contraindications? Refrain if you have problems with the shoulder joint, dislocations or subluxations, periarthritis, injuries to the rotator cuff or brachial biceps, tendinitis “.

The trainer program

We will call pull up chest pull-ups with medium-large prone grip e chin up chin pull-ups with supine shoulder width. Different types of grips affect the activation of the back and arm muscles.

Dorsal-Shoulders. Wide handle (pull up): legs straight and parallel, heels in contact with the chair. Bend your arms, elbows in line and bring your chest closer to the bar. 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Dorsal-Pectorals. Legs bent and crossed, bar held at shoulder width (chin up), flex your arms, elbows in line and bring your chin closer to the tool. 3 sets of 5 repetitions.

Back-Biceps. Grasp the handles on the bar and bring your chest close, keeping your elbows closed and parallel. Keep the knees bent and the heels towards the buttocks. 2 sets of 6 repetitions.

Abdominal muscles. Shoulder-width grip, knees together and flexed at the chest. Rotate both legs to one side and the other, keeping them together and bent. 2 sets of 3 reps per side.

Abdominals-Adductors. Grasp the bar shoulder-width apart, squeeze a ball between the knees. Keeping your arms straight, bend your knees to bring them towards your chest. 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Per increase the thickness and to work one hundred percent with the great backbone you have to concentrate above all on the chin up completo. By training every day on the movement technique you can get excellent results

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Back muscles, how and why to train them: the trainer program