Axnér about Denmark’s World Cup whine: “An in-country problem”

Denmark is raging over the cold in the World Cup arena.

The Swedish national team captain thinks that the Danes have the wrong focus.

– If it runs around Premier League players in the snow now and gets rock hard shots on the thigh, we should damn well be able to run around in 16 degrees, says Tomas Axnér.

The temperature in the halls of the Spanish World Cup has become a snack bar.

In the Danish camp, the cold has been a serial ever since the first training on site.

– It’s cold. When I entered the second half, I felt that my joints were frozen. It took five minutes before I really got started, the big star Anne Mette Hansen has said.

The Danish experts call it a scandal and the national team management has demanded that the organizers raise the temperature.

– It is under all criticism, thunders Lærke Møller, expert in Danish TV2.

Anne Mette Hansen.

“It’s an in-country problem”

While Denmark plays in Granollers, Sweden is in Torrevieja. It is not directly hot in Sweden’s arena either. But Blue-yellow does not complain and Tomas Axnér thinks that the Danes focus on the wrong things.

– It’s the same as with the balls in the Olympics.

In Tokyo this summer, it was the Norwegians who whined about the match balls, after which Axnér replied sharply:

– I myself could score with a sugar beet. You play with the ball you get.

Now Axnér says:

– The focus is on the wrong stuff. Just put on an extra sweater. It was not 22 degrees hot in our hall either, that much I can say. But for me it is an in-country problem.

– If it runs around Premier League players in the snow now and gets rock hard shots on the thigh, we should be able to run around in 16 degrees. We think it’s asgöt out here now when it’s 16 degrees. No, I can not focus on that at all.

The Swedish national team, with the help of its sports psychology advisor Malin Tillman, has talked a lot about not focusing on things that you can not influence.

– Something we have worked a lot with is acceptance of different things. What can we influence? It’s 16 degrees in the hall and it could have been warmer. But it is what it is. The more energy drainage you get on such things, the less focus you have on what to do. I have not heard any of the players say that it is cold or that the beds are hard or something like that, says Axnér.

The Danes must “pat the horse”

But at the European Championships a year ago, Axnér was furious that the Danes, as a home nation, changed the game schedule to their advantage in the middle of the tournament.

– Is it the Potato Cup we are playing ?! I do not know if I should laugh or cry, Axnér said then.

Didn’t you focus on the wrong things then? Would you have reacted the same way today?

– I could probably do that even if I had less acceptance for it then because I was stressed and we had prepared for a different scenario. It is possible that I could have been prepared for it and read beforehand that it could be so. But it was damn fine.

However, he was supported by many in and around the European Championships.

– But not from Denmark. Jesper Jensen (Danish national team captain) said that I “should just take it easy and pat the horse”, which in itself was damn funny to say, says Axnér and smiles at the memory.

Then it is the Danes who should stay calm and “pat the horse” in this championship?

– Yes exactly. For me, it is an in-country problem.

Today, Sweden will play handball again when a new blueberry nation awaits at 15.30: Puerto Rico, which was beaten by the Netherlands with 55-15 in the premiere.


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Axnér about Denmark’s World Cup whine: “An in-country problem”