Ambush in Naples on New Year’s Eve: a convict killed

A 42-year-old man, Salvatore Capone, was shot dead in an ambush on New Year’s Eve in Naples. The police investigate what happened in via Leopardi, in the Fuorigrotta district, not far from his home. The victim died after being hit by several gunshot bullets. On the street, 3 caskets were found and seized.

Capone was considered the armed escort of the bosses of the Lauro district, a criminal link between Fuorigrotta, Bagnoli and the Licciardi of Secondigliano was close to the Cesi group which is hegemonic in the area close to the Maradona stadium, in contact with the Esposito and Licciardi.

The ambush is read as the response to the raid that hit the chieftain Vitale Troncone, dying at the hospital of the Sea, after being hit by a barrage of shots on 23 December last.

The district of Fuorigrotta has long been crossed by fibrillation of the gangs, who compete for lucrative dealing squares and the management of extortion. Yesterday, already in the afternoon, while barrels were fired almost everywhere in the Campania capital to ‘celebrate’ the New Year, the Lauro district was lit up with thunderous fireworks exploding, while the other half of the district was in silence; according to some sources, a situation linked to the fact that the boss of the area, Vitale Troncone, is still serious after being the victim of an ambush.

Here it is in numbers the feud of Fuorigrotta

Four murders, three beatings, at least six shootings, two business premises set on fire, cars stolen for ‘disfigurement’ and armored drug squares with armed men. Here it is in numbers the feud of Fuorigrotta, which involves not only the area next to the Maradona stadium in Naples but also the districts of Bagnoli, Secondigliano, Pianura and Traiano district. The ferment then increased when six days ago the scion of the Troncone clan, Ras Giuseppe, son of Vitale, was released from prison, arrested for a beating with a decree of arrest and released from prison. Investigators immediately drew up several ‘attention’ notes knowing that the area was a powder keg after the ambush suffered by the scion’s father, chieftain Vitale, on December 23, still hospitalized and with a confidential prognosis.

The first episode of the feud dates back to March 16, 2020. Gaetano Mercurio, known as Sfilatino, is seriously injured in front of his house in via Terracina, in the upper part of the neighborhood, near the Loggetta area. The man, who for the investigators is a leading figure of the Troncone group, died in hospital on 11 April. A year later, on March 15, 2021, the second murder, and to fall under the blows of the assassins is a 77-year-old merchant. It takes little for the police to frame the context: it is Antonio Volpe, son-in-law of the boss Antonio Bianco, alias Cerasella, considered to be the top man of the Baratto-Bianco. On 11 November, 30-year-old Andrea Merolla was killed near the Troncone café. The young man is not part of the clan, he is practically a clean record, but he has a heavy kinship: he is the nephew of Vitale Troncone.

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Ambush in Naples on New Year’s Eve: a convict killed