Alpine skiing, World Cup 2021/2022 – LIVE men’s downhill Wengen: another spectacular duel Kilde-Odermatt, Paris 9th

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13:54 – Casse closes the group of 30


Odermatt impressive even downhill: only Kilde beats him


16th place for Mattia Casse, less than a second and a half behind Kilde. The blue test is not bad. Dominik Paris remains ninth instead in front of Martin Cater (10th surprisingly), while Innerhofer is 13th. But let’s review the superb descent of the Norwegian leader.

Kilde brushes on the Lauberhorn: relive her descent

13:40 – Janka in top-10

Nice race by Carlo Janka, at the first e penultimate seasonal appearance. The Swiss crossed the line in tenth provisional position just over a second. He leaves behind Kriechmayr and Innerhofer.

13:35 – The situation after the first 20

Kilde is still in charge of the first of the two descents of Wengen with a difficult stage to equalize. Behind him the Swiss Odermatt (surprising) and Feuz (tough on the Lauberhorn). Just off the podium were the Austrians Hemetsberger, Franz and Mayer, followed by the Americans Bennett and Cochran-Siegle. Dominik Paris, best of the Italians, is virtually ninth ahead of Vincent Kriechmayr and Christof Innerhofer.

13:28 – Innerhofer makes us dream for a while

Perfect interpretation of Christopher Innerhofer on the Kernen-S, which temporarily takes him to the lead halfway through the race (3 hundredths ahead of Kilde), then the blue makes a mistake before the Hanneggschuss and leaves there for more than a second. Too bad, he is 11th at +1.31 from Kilde.

13:26 – Franz, good fifth

Good fifth position from Max Franz, equals the best result of the season in descent. The Austrian slips between the two of the same flag Hemetsberger (4th) and Mayer (6th). Paris slips to ninth position.

13:17 – Odermatt second to be frightening

There is only to bow to Marco Odermatt. Second race in Wengen and second place behind Kilde in the downhill, after the victory in Super G. The leader of the general classification is phenomenal, behind the Norwegian by 19 cents in a specialty not really his.

Odermatt makes the phenomenon in Wengen: relive his Super-G

13:15 – Even Bennett in front of Paris

Bryce Bennett closes in fifth position, ahead of compatriot Cochran-Siegle by a cent. Dominik Paris at this point slips to 7th place.

13:12 – Amazing Kilde!

Superb race of Alexander Aamodt Source, which redeems the bitterness for the victory touched yesterday in Super G. The Norwegian risked making the same mistake as yesterday, leaving something from the middle down after taking a clear advantage from the Kernen-S. But Feuz was not irresistible on the final “S”, while Kilde pulls it well, taking the lead by three tenths.

13:08 – Cochran-Siegle beats Paris

Excellent race of Ryan Cochran-Siegle despite a mistake. The American recovers from Feuz in the final and intervenes between Mayer and Paris. Those four cents of difference cost dearly to the blue, who thus loses the red bib as leader of the specialty to the detriment of the Austrian.

13:05 – Paris off the podium

Too bad for Dominic Paris, who never liked the Lauberhorn. The blue is off the podium, 22 cents behind Mayer (main contender for the specialty cup at the moment). Very well up to the middle of the race, then he misses a few lines and pays seven tenths in total from Feuz.

13:00 – Kriechmayr at almost a second

Nothing for Vincent Kriechmayr, despite being the fastest in the first half of the track. The Austrian makes some inaccuracies in the last part which costs him 96 cents and the podium. Recall that Kriechmayr competes without having played any test, in fact.

Kriechmayr and the farce proof: the Austrian stops immediately

12:58 – Male Ganong

Travis Ganong’s serious uncertainty on the Kernen-S, which affects the whole descent. The American closes in front of only the blue Matteo Marsaglia.

12:56 – Mayer terzo

Matthias Mayer closes in third place behind his compatriot Hemetsberger. The Austrian pays almost half a second at the finish, the podium at risk.

12:53 – Marsaglia far away

Too slow Matteo Marsaglia, who pays a second and a half from Feuz and sets the highest time so far.

12:50 – Feuz immediately in the lead, but with little advantage

Beat Feuz takes command in “his” Wengen. As usual, a great interpretation of the Kernen-S, which allows him to have great speed on the whole track. However, there is room for improvement in the first and in the last sector.

12:47 – Hemetsberger in front

Much better Daniel Hemetsberger, nine-tenths ahead of Clarey. Watch out for the Austrian, a possible outsider. We will understand better the value of his test now that Beat Feuz comes down.

12:45 – Clarey at the finish

Finally the descent begins! Johan Clarey crosses the finish line with a time of 1: 43.78. As mentioned, the departure is in fact lowered.

12:41 – Another forerunner falls!

Incredible, two forerunners got off and fell on the Lauberhorn! At least the third is expected to cross the finish line, then the race can finally begin.

12:37 – Janka announced the retirement

While we await the actual start of the men’s downhill, we remember that today will be the penultimate race of Carlo Janka who announced the retirement right here in Wengen. The winner of the crystal ball in 2009/2010 and the last Swiss to win it declares his farewell in the same season in which another Swiss, Marco Odermatt, is dominating the World Cup.

12:31 – Delayed departure

Meanwhile, a very atypical fact that is delaying the departure: the forerunner has fallen and is about to be taken by helicopter! Fortunately, no consequences for him.

12:26 – Starting order

The first at the starting gate is the French Johan Clarey, then to keep an eye on the Austrian Hemetsberger and immediately after one of the big favorites of the day: Beat Feuz. After the holder of the specialty cup it’s up to Matteo Marsaglia and Matthias Mayer. With the number 7 Kriechmayr and with the 9 the current leader of the downhill Dominik Paris. Pay attention to Kilde (11) and Odermatt (13), who yesterday they gave a great show in Super G.

Odermatt makes the phenomenon in Wengen: relive his Super-G

12:20 – Giallo Kriechmayr

The participation of Vincent Kriechmayr in the descent of today and tomorrow is arousing quite a few controversies. Not being able to compete in the timed tests on Tuesday and Wednesday, when he was stopped by a positive test at Covid (which later turned out to be false positive), the reigning world champion would not have been allowed to participate in the two descents, as per regulation. However, this morning he was granted a timed trial valid as training before today’s race, which he faced like this.

12:16 – “Shortened” route compared to the traditional one

Second day in Wengen and before the two scheduled descents. Even today we don’t go down for all the 4.5 km which make the Lauberhorn the longest track in the whole white circus. In fact, the start is lowered to save the men-jets in view of tomorrow’s “integral” test, already having a Super G in his legs.

Therefore, there is no initial sliding section, which could disadvantage – among others – the blue Dominik Paris. Even if the current leader of the specialty ranking climbed to the podium for the only time in Wengen on a short length.

12:13 – The Alpine Ski World Cup on Eurosport and Discovery +

The men’s downhill in Wengen, as well as the entire alpine skiing season, is broadcast live on Eurosport channels and streamed on Eurosport Player and Discovery+ , with the possibility of having two different channels: one with the commentary in Italian and the other with the whole race but with ambient sound. Furthermore, every Monday evening on the appointment with Polygon 360, the column in which Dario Puppo and Massimiliano Ambesi talk about the best and the worst of the winter season, with an eye to Beijing 2022 Olympics.

Klaebo and Kobayashi, what numbers! Disaster in Zagreb …

12:10 – Everything is ready for the first of the two descents of Wengen

Hello and welcome Eurosport friends! Everything is ready: at 12:30 the first of the two men’s descents on the historic Lauberhorn, scheduled for the weekend, will start.


Kilde responds to Odermatt in the descent, Paris 9th



Kilde brushes on the Lauberhorn: relive her descent


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Alpine skiing, World Cup 2021/2022 – LIVE men’s downhill Wengen: another spectacular duel Kilde-Odermatt, Paris 9th