2nd Bundesliga: Sandhausen wins at Fortuna Düsseldorf

For the first time, Fortuna’s coach Preusser sent the same starting eleven into the race as in the previous game. But the team had a hard time in the early stages. It was significant that Sandhausen took the first chance to take the lead. Testroet elegantly turned around Dragos Nedelcu in the penalty area and laid the ball flat in the far corner.

Fortuna without ideas

Düsseldorf replied aggressively, but the attack attempts were presented so haphazardly, without ideas and incorrectly that the Sandhausen Gate was not in serious danger. Fortuna’s coach had warned of the opponent. The SVS defended well and solidly, looking for their chances on counterattacks.

Hennings leaves big chance

The first good Düsseldorf opportunity had Christoph Klarer (31st). After a Leonardo Koutris corner, Ao Tanaka served him on the five, Klarer’s header just missed the far post. Shortly before the half-time whistle, Rouwen Hennings (45 + 1) caught an unfortunate back pass in front of Sandhausen’s goalkeeper Patrick Drewes – Erik Zenga spiked the ball off Fortuna’s, up to then logged off striker, at the last moment.

The Düsseldorf Fans at halftime whistle wondered whether their team’s homecoming would continue. Fortunes have only won one game in front of their own audience at the end of October against Karlsruher SC (3-1) this season.

With momentum into the second round

Fortuna apparently had big plans for the second half, immediately took full risk and besieged the gate of the sand houses. A Koutris cross (47th) extended Khaled Narey just before the baseline in front of the Sandhauser goal, Jakub Piotrowski in the center just missed. The bottom line was that the many frivolous playback errors could not be overlooked, so that the Electoral Palatinate found their way back into the game.

Fortuna as a chance death

Sandhausen still didn’t create any chances, but acted very structured defensively. Then Düsseldorf turned on. Substitute Kristoffer Peterson (69th) dropped a shot from the edge of the penalty area just next to the goal. Drewes defused a Narey shot (71st) from an acute angle. Immediately afterwards, Emmanuel Iyoha put the ball just off the left post from 18 meters. In the 77th minute, Narey headed from five meters from the right post.

Excitement about supposed handball

There was excitement in the 86th minute. Ironically, the ex-Düsseldorf Charlison Benschop had allegedly used his hand in the penalty area when attempting to defend himself – referee Harm Osmers did not decide on a penalty after viewing the video images. And so it remained with the narrow away win of the sand houses, who had honestly earned the success due to a concentrated performance.

Fortuna Düsseldorf now has to compete at Werder Bremen on the 19th matchday on Saturday (January 15th, 2022), SV Sandhausen expects Jahn Regensburg a day later.

Stand: 17.12.2021, 22:24

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2nd Bundesliga: Sandhausen wins at Fortuna Düsseldorf