“2G Plus” – the possible consequences for professional sport in the coronavirus pandemic

Spahn’s proposal, who is currently still in office, would mean that only those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered will also be admitted with a current corona test. “This is another difficult step. But this is a step that we have to take”said Spahn. Of the CDU-Politicians also announced that he would sign a regulation for the reintroduction of free corona tests.

For the soccer Bundesliga, the handball Bundesliga, the basketball Bundesliga or the German ice hockey league, a new regulation suggested by Spahn would have consequences.

More effort for the clubs – and for the fans

The clubs in the leagues must comply with the corona protection regulations in their federal states. Some clubs have been working with us for a long time 2G, others with 3G. However, “2G Plus” would mean that in addition to the vaccination, proof of the test must also be checked at the entrance. An additional effort that costs time and can be a problem when dealing with thousands of fans.

1. FC Köln, for example, which has consistently followed the 2G regulation since the fans were re-admitted to the stadiums, sees itself in a position to do so. “We would first have to check the technical feasibility, but in principle that seems possible. We would have to change the admission situation, in addition to the vaccination certificate QR-Check the code of the test and program the turnstiles differently accordingly “, said managing director Alexander Wehrle the “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger”, but spoke of one “further, great effort”.

There would also be that for the fans – they would have to test them before every game. This could affect demand, some may prefer to stay at home.

Old mechanisms back on the agenda

Mechanisms that many people imagined in the past may now take effect: “We need the Prime Minister’s Conference”said Spahn. At such a date between the federal government and the federal states, a “2G Plus” regulation could be agreed, which would then first have to be included by the federal states in their corona protection ordinances before it becomes binding. 2G already applies in several federal states.

The appointment has already been made: the video conference is scheduled for Thursday noon. The corona virus does not take into account “whether we currently have a caretaker government or whether coalition negotiations are in progress”, Chancellor Angela Merkel is quoted in an announcement by the German government. “Rather, we need a nationwide effort here again.”

Dramatic situation: RKI boss would prefer to cancel major events

At the press conference with Spahn, Lothar Wieler, President of the Robert Koch Institute, recalled the importance of the current figures. Germany is currently reporting the highest levels of new infections and incidence. “More than half of the intensive care units report acute staff shortages”, warned Wieler and drew comparisons to January 2020. Larger events are only allowed “with maximum security” occur: “It would be best if we canceled major events, of course.” That RKI wrote in his weekly report on the pandemic on November 11th: “The RKI urgently advises that larger events be canceled or avoided if possible.”

It cannot be assumed, at least in the short term, that these sentences will again lead to ghost games or even to an interruption of the game operations in the leagues. But there is concern about it in sport. “If that would happen as the RKI recommended, then we would fall back into the situation we had almost exactly a year ago”, said Frank Bohmann, the managing director of the Handball Bundesliga, on Deutschlandfunk. In the Netherlands, however, ghost games were decided at the weekend. In Austria, a applies from Monday (November 15, 2021) Lockdown for unvaccinated people.

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“2G Plus” – the possible consequences for professional sport in the coronavirus pandemic