Shyamalan Marathon: Netflix and Disney +, the platforms to watch the director’s films before the theatrical release of ‘Tiempo’ – Movie News

His new ‘thriller’ hits Spanish theaters on July 30.

Two years after leaving us speechless with Glass, M. Night Shyamalan returns to the big screen, next july 30, with his new feature film as director. Time is the title under which his fourteenth film will be released in Spain behind the cameras. A ‘thriller’ with which he seems to have conquered the public of USA, where was this last weekend has been at the top of the box office.

Starring Gael García Bernal, Vicky Krieps, Rufus Sewell and Ken Leung, among others, Weather It takes us to an island, apparently, paradisiacal, to where a family travels willing to spend a day of relaxation and disconnection. What is their surprise when they begin to realize that they have started to age suddenly, and at a chilling speed. Without knowing why this magical place hides this terrible secret, they soon realize that their life could end at the end of the day.

Before embarking on this exciting psychological ‘thriller’, you may want to see again – or do it for the first time – the collection of titles that Shyamalan has given us since he conquered us with The Sixth Sense. Unfortunately, the film starring Bruce Willis is not included in the catalog of any platform, nor is it available to rent or buy in an online version. Netflix and Disney+ They are the two ‘streaming’ services that have divided the feature films of the Indian director. With the exception of The visit and The young woman of the water, which you can only access by renting or buying in media such as Apple TV, Google Play y Rakuten TV.

What better way to get ahead of what Shyamalan has in store for you than with a good marathon of his previous films?

‘The protégé’

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Just a year after leaving half the world speechless with the end of The sixth Sense, Shyamalan premiered The protégé, a fantasy ‘thriller’, which would later become the beginning of the trilogy they complete Multiple and Glass (Cristal). The director once again had Bruce Willis as the protagonist of his new story. A story in which he plays David Dunn, a security guard, about to divorce, listless with the monotony of his day to day. His life changes when he emerges unscathed from a train accident in which the rest of the passengers die. As a result, he contacts Elijah Price (Samuel L. Jackson), a comic book salesman who suffers from the “crystal bones” disease. This man had been obsessed with finding his nemesis for years, this indestructible person. The two begin a strange friendship that will turn their worlds upside down.

You can see it in: Disney+.


Another of the essential films of the filmography as director of Shyamalan is Signs. For his fifth feature film, he chose as protagonists two faces so well known in Hollywood as Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix, who was accompanied by, at that time, young Rory Culkin and Abigail Breslin. The story presents us with a Protestant pastor who, after the death of his wife, in an accident loses faith in everything he had believed up to now. Determined to change of scene, he moves to a farm in the middle of nowhere, along with his two children and his brother. When strange signs appear in the cornfields one morning, he becomes so obsessed with the supposed arrival of a group of aliens that he dedicates himself body and soul to preparing his children for what may happen.

You can see it in: Disney+.

‘The forest’

The Indian filmmaker seems to have hit it off with Joaquin Phoenix, and after Signals, chose him to head the cast of his new job behind the scenes. Under the title El Bosque, this haunting ‘thriller’, which sometimes flashes bursts of terror, takes us to a mysterious village, where its inhabitants live in fear of the strange creatures that supposedly are on the other side of the forest. Creatures that supposedly feed on human beings, and that are attracted to the color red. The quiet life in the village is disturbed when one of his neighbors decides to pluck up the courage to discover what is really hidden in the lush forest.

You can see it in: Disney+.

‘The incident’

It is clear that M. Night Shyamalan’s brain is a box of surprises, and that his desire is to make the audience go crazy -in the good sense of the word- with his films. If you don’t believe it, you only have to watch the first few minutes of The Incident to prove it. The premise of the film, starring Mark Wahlberg and Zooey Deschanel, is the suicide of thousands of people in different cities in the United States. Terrified, a science teacher and his wife decide to leave their home to try to find an explanation for what is happening and find out what is behind this obsession to kill themselves that has invaded the population.

You can see it in: Disney+.

‘Airbender: The Last Warrior’

In 2010, the filmmaker radically changed the register to take command of the adventure film, for the whole family, Airbender: The Last Warrior. Inspired by the popular Nickelodeon animated series Avatar, the film introduces us to a world dominated by the Fire Nation. The other three nations, Air, Water and Earth, try to survive the flames that have begun to destroy everything in them. Little Aang is the only one who has the ability to control all four elements. The only one who can face the power of Fire to end an unprecedented battle.

You can see it in: Netflix.

‘After Earth’


Shyamalan immersed himself in science fiction to take us, hand in hand with Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith, to a dystopian future where humanity has had to leave Earth in order to survive. The After Earth story follows General Cypher Raige, who along with his son Kitai, sets out on a journey to keep track of the state of their ancient planet. A failure in their ship causes them to crash onto Earth, a desolate wasteland where the creatures that inhabit it can be deadly to Cypher and Kitai. Together, and despite their different points of view, they will have to draw up a plan to get out of there safely.

You can see it in: Netflix.


In 2017, Shyamalan returned stronger than ever and resumed with Multiple that cinema with which he established himself in the industry. This ‘thriller’ can boast of those that catch you hard and do not let you breathe until the end credits. The story introduces us to Kevin (James McAvoy), a man with dissociative identity disorder, who has more than twenty personalities. Despite the fact that in the face of his psychiatrist he seems to have improved the control of each of these personalities, one of them leads him to kidnap three young men and lock them in a basement. One of the girls works up the courage to try to reach another of Kevin’s personalities and get out of the bunker alive.

You can see it in: Netflix.

‘Glass (Cristal)’

Shyamalan had one more ace up his sleeve, and 18 years later he was bringing back the two main characters of The protégé, Elijah Price (Samuel L. Jackson) and David Dunn (Bruce Willis), who together with Kevin (James McAvoy), star in the story of Glass (Cristal). Interned in a mental institution, and subjected to the treatments of Dr. Ellie Staple (Sarah Paulson), Elijah tries to reach one of Kevin’s personalities to help him escape from there. What he does not expect is that David will turn against him and try to avoid his Machiavellian plan.

You can see it in: Disney+.

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Shyamalan Marathon: Netflix and Disney +, the platforms to watch the director’s films before the theatrical release of ‘Tiempo’ – Movie News