Seth Rogen introduces Houseplant marijuana brand in the United States

Seth Rogen is recognized worldwide for his talent, his friendships and his original projects, but also, for his open and declared love for the marijuana and as expected, the businessman comes to revolutionize the industry with your brand Houseplant who comes to the United States after two years of success in his native Canada.

“I love the marijuana and I love art and design. Houseplant it is a combination of both ”, declares the actor, writer, comedian, producer, director and now also businessman of the industry of the cannabis. Since 2019, the brand has gained recognition and popularity in the Canadian lands where it was created and launched. To make it possible, Seth Rogen He has resorted to an infallible formula that has brought him wholesale success: collaborations. For this business, it is nothing less than Evan Goldberg (with whom he has worked on countless productions including SuperBad, Buenos Necinos and Este es el Fin) the partner with whom he will lead such an incredible business that he finally arrives in the United States.

Seth Rogen y Evan Goldberg presentan ‘Houseplant’

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Firstly, Housplant will be launched in Los Angeles with online sales and distribution of its products with an eye toward expanding throughout California and, subsequently, throughout the country. And what is the difference with the rest of the marijuana brands of celebrities ?, you ask. For Brett Fink, member and consultant of Greater Holdings (agency that promotes new and consolidated businesses) “the difference is very simple. There is a fashion and trend of many artists from all walks of life who want to enter this business, but they only throw their name at the branding and expect results. In the case of Houseplant, both are more involved than anyone in each quality process that differentiates them from the rest ”.

A clear example of this opinion is the Lil Wayne brand, which was launched with great enthusiasm and made noise all over the world, but today, a year after its launch, it hardly exists and it is difficult to find its products in the main retails and business chains. “I am sure that the arrival of Seth Rogen business in the United States will change completely to the industry”, Says Fink after knowing and exploring the plan and knowing the intentions of the entrepreneur.

Seth and James Franco breaking schemes from the MTV Movie Awards.

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For Seth, the marijuana It is not a product to be exploited and nothing more. For him, the plant is a Lifestyle in which it involves your relaxation, rest. dream, work and creativity and is, without a doubt, one of the few celebrities who really know the plant and its processes. Having started in Canada where regulations are very strict will allow you to Houseplant reach a market with total quality control that is minimally required today in the United States.

For many years, Seth He turned down one offer after another just to put his face on a brand and let the money grow. One of the main of the company, communication, has been specifically requested by the actor who is and will be in charge of each copy, each posting and direct communication on social networks with the audience. He understands them, he knows them, and he will know perfectly how to speak to them and with what intention.

Designer home products, marijuana plants, drinks, flowerpots, ashtrays … The brand is more than just a shop to buy cannabis. The slogan “marijuana products by people who love the marijuana”Is the clear indicator that Seth It has taken this in stride, that it has done it with love and dedication and that expansion comes at the right time with the right product. “To choose a single product line, we take the task of testing and comparing with 100 plants in total during a long process until we choose the most suitable one.” Business, love of art, or both? Houseplant It is very close and we are waiting for its results. While that happens, know the changes in the marijuana legislation in Mexico and everything you need to know.

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Seth Rogen introduces Houseplant marijuana brand in the United States