“Taking an interest in the influences of hormones on female behavior, a highly political subject”

Flames. We are increasingly wary of anything that can skew our decisions, reactions and behaviors. A priori, whatever our sex and our age, we are all likely to be influenced by the flow of information to which we are constantly exposed and which we process more or less consciously. But another risk would specifically threaten decision-making among young women …

Indeed, hormonal variations during the cycle would not only affect the fertility rate but also cognitive processes! The level of female hormones in the blood has thus been considered to influence the functioning of each cerebral hemisphere, resulting in a modification of performance in the attentional, spatial or verbal domain.

By simply asking women to estimate, at a glance, the middle of a horizontal line of about twenty centimeters, Markus Hausmann, from the University of Bochum (Germany), has shown that they commit an error of assessment, to the left or to the right of the true middle according to the moment of the cycle. This could be explained by a change in the functioning of each hemisphere before or after ovulation.

Ovulation and belief in God

But of course, research on the influence of hormones on the female brain has not been limited to attention in space. They also took an interest in hotter topics such as political or religious preferences. Thereby, some authors like Kristina Durante and her colleagues at the University of California seriously wondered if Barack Obama could have been elected to the presidency of the United States in 2012 thanks to young women in the midst of their ovulation period!

In 2013, the authors interviewed single women or women in a couple at different points in their cycle about their degree of religiosity, their political tendency (more liberal or conservative) and their preferences for one candidate over another. To do this, they learned about the ovulation period of the participants and divided the groups into single women or couples, in the full fertile phase or outside the ovulatory period.

When asked about their level of belief in God or on social issues such as the right to abortion, responses from single, ovulating women revealed a tendency to be more liberal and less religious, as well as a significant preference for Barack. Obama. Surprisingly, in this study, ovulation elicited exactly opposite responses, namely a higher degree of religiosity and conservatism as well as a preference for Mitt Romney, in women in a relationship! Knowing that women vote a priori more than men, the idea could have germinated to control the age, the time of the cycle or even the personal situation of the voters!

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“Taking an interest in the influences of hormones on female behavior, a highly political subject”