Presidential election 2022: Anne Hidalgo wants the abolition of regional health agencies

Much criticized during the Covid-19 health crisis, the regional health agencies (ARS) are today in the sights of the socialist presidential candidate, Anne Hidalgo, who proposes to remove them. “We must replace the ARS. Today it is useless ”, she said Thursday, October 28 on BFM-TV.

“There must be real coordination in the territories, which the ARS does not do, she continued. They are a sort of accounting agent, they were created to contain health care expenses. “

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Traveling Wednesday in the Drôme on the theme of the public hospital and medical deserts, the mayor of Paris had already mentioned this proposal. “The ARS should have started from the needs of the population, from the real life of the people”, she regretted, also wishing “Go back to fee-for-service”. “I agree that each public euro must be well used”, most “Medical acts cannot meet the constraints of what is profitable and unprofitable”, she said.

Mme Hidalgo also wants “Care for others be upgraded”, to be more attractive. “It’s not just words”, assured the one who foresees “A major salary negotiation on salary, career and training issues”, in the private sector as in the public. “Yes, it costs money, but I prefer that, rather than spinning aid to companies without conditions. I prefer that, rather than removing the wealth tax. (…) I prefer to put money in for hospitals to function, it’s a matter of priority ”, she said, during her trip to Saint-Vallier, where the hospital is threatened due to a lack of doctors.

“Blow up the numerus clausus”

While a survey published Wednesday in Release shows that 20% of beds in university hospital centers (CHU) and regional hospital centers (CHR) are closed for lack of personnel, the mayor of Paris visited this small working-class community of 4,000 inhabitants, to forty-five Lyon TER minutes. She is committed to calling on the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, to try to save the rehabilitation service of the hospital, which welcomes post-stroke patients, suffering from degenerative diseases or major road accidents, but who will lose 45 of its 60 beds, with the departure of three of the four doctors in the service. “I come to say that health issues are a priority”, she explained. “The lack of doctors is nothing new”, she asserted, lamenting a “Lack of anticipation” authorities on the subject.

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To fight against the lack of personnel in hospitals, the mayor of Paris also wishes “Completely blow up the idea of ​​the numerus clausus”, she said Thursday morning on BFM-TV. If the government had removed it for the start of the 2020 school year, it is now up to the universities to set this quota, according to their training capacities and the health needs of the territory.

“This is what prevented us for a very long time from recruiting doctors in particular, explained Mme Hidalgo. In France, in our country, many young people who have this vocation, who cannot access this medical career, go to Belgium or Romania to be trained. There is a shortage of doctors, we need to train 15,000 doctors per year in France, we train less than 10,000. “

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Presidential election 2022: Anne Hidalgo wants the abolition of regional health agencies