Emilie Cariou and Aurélien Taché: “President Macron’s communication strategy is cynical and irresponsible”

Tribune. On the one hand, the progressives, the camp of reason, the vaccinated. On the other, those who just have to cross the street to find work, these “conservatives”, these fanatics, these unvaccinated. Pitting the French against each other is not worthy of the presidential office.

The “yellow vests” crisis did not end thanks to responses to social tensions: they were insufficient. If the whole world did not face a pandemic, protesters would still be on the streets, demanding respect and consideration. The fertile ground for anger is still there. The President of the Republic must stop feeding it. This communication strategy is both cynical and irresponsible.

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Cynical because in the midst of a health crisis and campaign period, the president knows full well that it does not offend his electorate. On the contrary, it reinforces it. Irresponsible, because it seriously harms national cohesion, of which he is nevertheless the guarantor.

The hospital deserves better

She is also a calculator. In March 2020, we were at war with the virus. The president was right to say so. The enemy, it should be called again: SARS-CoV-2. Inelegant and deadly, it is against him that the government and the national representation must, together, fight.

Marginalization and contempt for the unvaccinated calls for violence

By casting shame and focusing on the unvaccinated, Emmanuel Macron diverts the attention of the French from the deleterious situation in which the hospital already found itself, long before the health crisis. The caregivers are exhausted. A few months before the presidential election, the hospital deserves better than a hysterized debate on vaccination.

But there is still more serious. The president and the government are opening a dangerous door which risks toppling our rule of law towards a moral state. According to article 11 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: “No one shall be condemned for actions or omissions which, at the time they were committed, did not constitute a criminal act under national or international law. Likewise, no more severe penalty will be imposed than that which was applicable at the time when the criminal act was committed. “

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Without a vaccination obligation enshrined in positive law, the vaccination pass will deprive some French citizens of many fundamental freedoms, including that of coming and going, for the sole fact of being “Irresponsible.” And the role of the legislator is not to say what is “good” or “bad”, but to define what is legal and what is not.

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Emilie Cariou and Aurélien Taché: “President Macron’s communication strategy is cynical and irresponsible”