Covid-19: faced with the Omicron variant, the executive assumes its vaccine pass

It is therefore indeed a war. And to win this endless battle against Covid-19, whose latest variant, Omicron, displays maddening contagiousness rates, forcing some of our neighbors to reconfine their population, Emmanuel Macron is ready to open a new front. By announcing, Friday, December 17, that the government would table on January 5 a bill aiming to transform the “health pass” into “vaccine pass”, the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, admitted it: a fight is underway for try to bend the 5 million French people eligible for vaccination who still refuse to take action.

Without a vaccine, the latter will no longer be able, once the law is promulgated, that is to say at the end of January, according to the forecasts of the executive, to go to bars, cafes, restaurants, theaters, cinemas. , since the anti-Covid-19 test will no longer serve as a keynote. “It’s simple, it’s clear, it’s crystal clear, it’s assumed, we want the French to be vaccinated”, detailed the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, Saturday, December 18 on France Inter.

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After ensuring that the pass would not apply to daily activities, to finally decide the opposite, the executive therefore reconsiders its commitments. Just a year ago, Mr. Véran explained to the TF1 television news that the “Coronavirus vaccination will not be[it] not compulsory, neither to take public transport, nor to enter a restaurant ”. Compulsory vaccination, excluded yesterday, is also being considered today. During his televised interview on TF1 and LCI, Wednesday, December 15, the Head of State warned that the question was no longer taboo. Better, “The vaccination pass is a disguised form of compulsory vaccination, but it is more effective”, recognized Olivier Véran, Saturday, December 18, answering questions from the online media Brut, adding “We no longer have a choice”.

A turnaround directly linked to the « lame de fond », in the words of Olivier Véran, of the Omicron variant, which is spreading in Europe like wildfire. After having managed to face the fourth wave of the pandemic without curfews or closings of shops or restaurants, the executive, already worried about the power “Dazzling” of the fifth wave linked to the Delta variant, fears to be taken aback by Omicron. The vaccination pass, by stimulating the primary vaccination but also the reminders, offers, according to the executive, the hope of avoiding the use of measures restricting economic activity, or even confinements, as is the case in countries -Low since Sunday evening. With the vaccination pass, only the unvaccinated will, de facto, be confined.

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Covid-19: faced with the Omicron variant, the executive assumes its vaccine pass