“Alcohol in the feminine”, on France 2: when the voice of women is finally free


Hundreds of thousands of women are concerned in France, but so far they hardly had a face. By agreeing to testify in front of Marie-Christine Gambart’s camera, Ariane, Isabelle, Michèle, Stacy and Sylvie are helping to lift the taboo around female alcoholism. Of different ages and backgrounds, these women, who could be our mothers, our sisters, our friends, our colleagues, tell unvarnished and with great courage their journey of addiction to alcohol. Precious stories to better understand what is a real disease, and its peculiarities in the female sex.

In the collective imagination, as one of them says at the start of the documentary, “A man who drinks is a good man. A woman who drinks is depraved. She is a disrespectable woman and above all she is a bad mother ”. Ariane and the others began to drink in very different circumstances: festive context in the evening, family meals, withstand the shock of a violent spouse … And then the dependence that sets in, often insidiously, the disproportionate place gradually taken by drink in their life, to the point of obsession. “We think alcohol, we live alcohol”, sums up one of them.

All of them confide to what extent they have been able to lie to their family and professional circle (and sometimes to themselves), in order to change things and try to hide their addiction. Sometimes even hiding bottles in their baby’s pram!

Dramatic consequences

They do not hide anything either of the consequences, sometimes dramatic, of their excess of the “poison”: the family which denies them, the loss of their dash of life, their femininity, their dignity. In her office, the psychiatrist and addictologist Fatma Bouvet de la Maisonneuve, very committed to this subject, explains to her patients as well as to the spectators the problems of alcohol in women, which readily affect women who are rather perfectionists, in the avoidance of Conflicts. She also emphasizes the history of sexual assault and rape, “Which multiply by 36 the risk of falling into alcohol”.

On the long road strewn with pitfalls that is weaning, Ariane, Isabelle, Michèle, Stacy and Sylvie tell about all the stages, which are so many glimmers of hope for women today struggling with this scourge. It is by really giving a voice to women – let us also quote the recent documentary series “Women who drink”, on France Culture – that things will finally be able to change in this area.

On the set of “Infrarouge”, Marie Drucker will receive Nathalie Latour, general delegate of Federation Addiction, and Elsa Taschini, doctor in psychology, addictologist.

Female alcohol, documentary by Marie-Christine Gambart (Fr., 2021, 52 min.), program “Infrarouge”, France 2. To be reviewed (60 days) on france.tv

Women who drink, documentary series, France Culture, Perrine Kervran « LSD. The documentary series “

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“Alcohol in the feminine”, on France 2: when the voice of women is finally free