Vaccine pass: for Castex, Macron’s words are “consistent” with the bill

Uncomfortable ? May be. Loyal? Always. Wednesday January 5, the day after the bronca caused by the words of the Head of State, Emmanuel Macron, affirming to the Parisian to have “Very want to piss off” the unvaccinated with the vaccine pass which will deprive them of access to bars, theaters, cinemas or restaurants, the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, was in a demining operation. For the man regularly described as “bulletproof vest” of the President of the Republic, it is a question of making forget the form, and this familiar word which shocked the whole of the political class, to return to the bottom.

The challenge: to continue with a semblance of serenity the examination of the bill aimed at transforming the health pass into a vaccination pass suspended the previous night. And confront the oppositions, in particular The Republicans (LR) who lead this sling despite being in favor of the vaccine pass, with their own contradictions. “We seem to use any reason to delay the examination” of a text supposed to fight against “A galloping pandemic “, He denounced in the Senate.

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At the Palais du Luxembourg, opposite Bruno Retailleau, elected (LR) of Vendée who denounces “The slippage of more and the outrage of too much »Of a president unable to appease a society “Fractured and archipelagic”, Mr. Castex ensures that “The words of the President of the Republic are in perfect coherence” with the text submitted to Parliament. “Who is insulting the nation? Who is fracturing society? Who leads the caregivers of our emergencies to make dramatic ethical choices? “, he adds, denouncing a “Tiny minority” unvaccinated who “Fracture the nation”. “What the President of the Republic said I hear everywhere”, he claims.

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“We call a spade a spade”

If he would undoubtedly have used a vocabulary other than that of the Head of State, the tenant of Matignon assumes. “ Things are said “, he confides to World. A nuance, however. “Piss off” means in “Castex language” to weigh “The constraint on the unvaccinated”. “I myself have said very explicitly on several occasions that we assume this”, he recalls. And despite the brutality of Emmanuel Macron’s words, the head of government assures us that this vaccination pass is, in reality, protective. “It is ultimately a question of protecting the unvaccinated a little in spite of themselves”, he said. If it will be difficult for him to forget that the Head of State went so far as to denounce “The immense moral fault of the antivax”, calling them irresponsible to conclude “An irresponsible person is no longer a citizen”, the head of government procrastinates: “We are not excluding anyone from the national community, but we call a spade a spade. “

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Vaccine pass: for Castex, Macron’s words are “consistent” with the bill