Trafficking in false health passes: various methods and profiles

There is the one who makes up her own QR code and sells it online, the one who pretends to vaccinate a friend in the center where she works, or the one who directly hacks the Medicare website. There are those who explain to the investigators that they did it for free, “By conviction”, and those for whom it was “Of pure business”. There is the trafficking of “Real false” sanitary passes, usable, and those of “false false” passes inexploitables.

Among the 400 investigations opened and the hundred arrests enumerated by the Ministry of the Interior, the profiles of counterfeiters and holders are as diverse as the methods used. From an organized gang scam to an artisanal scam, how many people has this traffic allowed to go to restaurants, to the cinema, to work in contact with the public or to travel without a vaccine or a negative test?

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Also according to Beauvau, 182,000 false health passes in circulation have been discovered since the summer. Much more would therefore have circulated. At the Nanterre public prosecutor’s office, a judicial investigation opened on November 25 made it possible to detect several thousand issued by the same counterfeiters. “From mass production based on computer hacking”, specifies a judicial source. But many investigations reveal more isolated and less organized acts.

Inconsistencies detected

“We must bring things back to their right proportions”, insists the public prosecutor of Béziers (Hérault), Raphaël Balland, by relating the story of a nurse sent to the criminal court on February 28, 2022. “To be of service” to an anti-vaccine musician friend working in national education, this 55-year-old woman welcomed him to the Béziers vaccination center where she works and “Pretended to give him a first dose”, in June.

How are counterfeiters and their “clients” identified? In this case, in Béziers, the bogus vaccine boasted a little too much, and was denounced. In most other cases, it is the health authorities – Medicare in the lead – which detect inconsistencies and take legal action. In Plan-de-la-Tour, in the Var, a doctor had billed nearly 2,000 vaccinations, while she had only received 530 doses. She was indicted for forgery and use of forgery, fraud to the detriment of a health organization, but also for endangering the life of others.

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“Several of his patients have indeed lodged a complaint, explaining that they really believed to be vaccinated”, underlines the prosecutor of Draguignan, Patrice Camberou. Same type of anomaly in Haute-Garonne, where a Muret vaccinodrome issued more certificates than it received vaccines. The investigation eventually identified an operator from the center and two other people involved.

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Trafficking in false health passes: various methods and profiles