Presidential election 2022: Barbara Pompili in favor of a debate on the ban on weekend hunting

The proposal put forward by the environmental candidate Yannick Jadot to ban hunting on weekends is an idea “On which we must have a debate”, estimated the Minister of Ecological Transition, Barbara Pompili, Wednesday, November 3 on Franceinfo.

“This is part of the debates that have existed for a long time on the issue of sharing space. My role as minister in charge of hunting is to ensure that it respects a certain number of rules ”, continued the former member of Europe Ecology-Les Verts, warning however that “The majority has no desire to ban hunting”.

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The Minister of Ecological Transition was questioned about Mr. Jadot’s proposal to ban hunting on weekends and school holidays. “Nature must be accessible to everyone”, he then justified Friday on BFM-TV. “When I hear that three quarters of people who live in rural areas do not dare to go for a walk on Sundays when there is gunfire, it is not normal”, he continued. Mr. Jadot also reaffirmed his desire to completely ban hunting with hounds, such as that of endangered species and “All other cruel hunts”, and recalled that if he is elected President of the Republic in April 2022, a “Ministry of animal welfare” would be created.

Several accidents

This debate on hunting is part of the electoral campaign when several accidents have taken place in recent days, to which non-hunters have been victims. A walker in Haute-Savoie and a 60-year-old driving his car near Rennes were both seriously injured. In the latter case, a 69-year-old hunter was indicted Monday for “unintentional injuries”. The latter had been taken into custody a few hours after the accident which occurred on Saturday between Laillé and Orgères (Ille-et-Vilaine) while the driver and a passenger were traveling on the four-lane between Rennes and Nantes. A 9.3 mm caliber bullet hit the vehicle, seriously injuring the driver in the neck.

Following this incident, five mayors of Ille-et-Vilaine called in an open letter for measures to secure the beatings “In order to guarantee public safety [des] fellow citizens “. The city councilors notably highlight the use of rifles more and more often by hunters “Poorly trained” and call for an obligation of medical control as in all sports activities “Even if hunting is not considered a sport ».

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Half a day without hunting?

In their written mail, in particular to Pompili, they propose to “Set half-days without hunting on Saturday and Sunday afternoon”. Asked about this idea, the Minister of Ecological Transition ruled on Wednesday morning that “Everything can be done, you also have to look at territory by territory”. “If there is a need for supervision at the national level, once again there are debates today, I am not afraid of the political debate, that the debate begins and that we look at how far we can go “, continued Barbara Pompili.

Faced with a practice regularly criticized, the president of the National Federation of Hunters, Willy Schraen, estimated on Monday that “Zero risk does not exist[ait] not “. “Obviously, these dramatic accidents are very bad, I apologize”, he said in an interview with Sud Radio, evoking a “Small law of series”. He also called “Weak” Mr. Jadot’s proposals to ban hunting during weekends and school holidays: “If you want to ban something, let them just ban hunting, because people who hunt are people who work. “

A weekly day without hunting, every Wednesday, had already been imposed at the national level in 2000. The measure was repealed in 2003, leaving the prefects the possibility of establishing it at the departmental level – this is in fact the case in many departments.

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Presidential election 2022: Barbara Pompili in favor of a debate on the ban on weekend hunting