Life without a health pass for the unvaccinated: “They prevent us from living by wanting to prevent us from dying”

The last confinement ended on June 30, but Thierry kept everything from “This life under the bell”. No more work, no more social life, just a few walks. The 58-year-old man is one of 5.5 million unvaccinated adults, out of concern, conviction or reservation.

While the government has hardened, in recent weeks, the restrictive measures to convince the last refractory to the vaccine, how are these millions of French people living without a health pass? “They prevent us from living by wanting to prevent us from dying”, sums up the 50-year-old from Clermont-Ferrand (Puy-de-Dôme), who answered the call for testimonies from World, like more than 850 Internet users. In France, unvaccinated people infected with Covid-19 are nine times more likely to be hospitalized, and fourteen times more likely to end up in critical care than those vaccinated.

“How far is it going to go? “, ask these unvaccinated in unison. End of free tests for unvaccinated people, booster doses reduced to four months, proposed vaccination pass … all evoke successive measures which have transformed the health pass into compulsory vaccination ” disguised “, as the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran himself conceded. “Gradually, we are coming to a form of confinement of unvaccinated people”, regrets Coraline, 37 years old, nine months pregnant, who preferred not to be vaccinated for fear that it would cause complications for her child, even if all the studies show the absence of danger, on the contrary of an infection by the Covid-19.

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“People are never going to accept this”

Everyone remembers those announcements that took place in the middle of summer. On July 12, Emmanuel Macron announced the establishment, from August 5, of the health pass to enter bars, restaurants, shopping centers, trains, planes, hospitals and accommodation establishments for dependent elderly people (Ehpad).

« Choc », “Amazement”, ” anger “, “Abatement” are all emotions felt at the announcement of the measures of the President of the Republic. “I said to myself: ‘People are never going to accept this'”, recalls Jessica (first name has been changed), 48, a civil servant in higher education. “But it’s over”, she continues, still surprised “That some agree to show a pass to be able to eat”.

Like the majority of people interviewed, the mother wants to make a point: she is neither conspirator nor anti-tax. « Two words used indiscriminately to tell us: “shut up », deplores Thierry, unemployed intermittent show.

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Life without a health pass for the unvaccinated: “They prevent us from living by wanting to prevent us from dying”