Increase in energy prices: “inflation compensation” of 100 euros definitively approved

By a last vote of the National Assembly, the Parliament definitively approved, Wednesday November 24 evening, “the inflation allowance” of 100 euros provided by the government for 38 million French people,

The measure is contained in the second amending finance bill for 2021, said to “End of management”, adopted by 39 votes against 12 after a final last stand of the deputies La France insoumise (LFI) who see in the inflation allowance a “Skinny strenna”. Deputy Minister Agnès Pannier-Runacher praised the opposite “A simple, fast, efficient measure” in the face of rising prices, especially energy.

The allowance, which was announced at the end of October, must be paid to employees, the self-employed, retirees, the unemployed, recipients of minimum social benefits and still scholarship students receiving less than 2,000 euros net monthly. This tax-exempt bonus will be paid all at once and automatically, from the end of December by employers (which will be reimbursed by the State) to employees, and at the beginning of 2022 for the other categories, without the need for any action.

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The left drew a measure “Ephemeral and poorly targeted”, “A drop of water in a barrel of oil”. Emmanuel Macron is looking for “To abandon the label of president of the rich” and “Take out the wooden checkbook” as the presidential election approaches, said Mathilde Panot, LFI MP leader, who defended a motion of rejection in vain in vain.

Cases of “injustice”

“The emergency” of the measure, it is that of the “Campaign time”, also pinned Marie-Christine Dalloz for the group Les Républicains. She believes that the executive seeks to “Avoid a resumption of the dispute” in the vein of yellow vests, even if it means increasing the country’s debt level.

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Right and left have jointly criticized a « injustice » : taking into account only individual income for the payment of the premium, and not household income. Because a single mother receiving 2,050 euros per month will not receive the allowance, unlike an employee at 1,900 euros, in a relationship with a person with much higher remuneration, for example.

The Senate, dominated by the right, had earlier rejected this amending budget for new reading. The High Assembly voted the “Preliminary question” proposed by the general rapporteur of the budget Jean-François Husson (LR), resulting in the rejection of the text without examination of the articles.

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Rather than “the inflation allowance”, the senators had promoted a device presented as “Better targeted”, which provided in particular for an exceptional increase of 150 euros in the activity bonus and an exceptional allowance of 150 euros for beneficiaries of minimum social benefits and social benefits.

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Increase in energy prices: “inflation compensation” of 100 euros definitively approved