“Faced with the dangers posed by the practice of hunting, the time is no longer for compromise”

Tribune. The motorist who was shot on October 30, 2021 in Brittany by a hunter’s shot unfortunately died. The murderer has been indicted. But what condemnation will he have? How many other hunters, having accidentally killed human beings, have had minimal penalties?

In fact, despite a hunting accident every three days in France according to the French Office for Biodiversity, the sentences handed down do not often exceed the suspended sentence and the acquittal is the outcome offered to many homicide perpetrators. We remember, for example, the hunter who killed one of his colleagues in 2016, near Aumale, during a beating, finally acquitted by the Beauvais criminal court.

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Human deaths from hunting accidents are not uncommon. For the 2019-2020 season alone, no less than eleven people lost their lives. Sometimes picking mushrooms, in a public forest, sometimes in their garden, chopping wood. This was the case for Morgan Keane, a young man of 25, while he was cutting logs in his own garden, in the Lot, on December 2, 2020. Same tragedy in 2017, when an elderly resident of Aveyron 69 years old, is killed on his land by a hunter. Saturday, November 6, 2021, in Normandy, a cyclist received thirteen pellets in the body while he was traveling in the forest. If the man survived the accident, he came away traumatized. Similar cases are numerous, and are not limited to these few headline-grabbing examples.

Hunting is not a sport

Following the death of the driver on November 4, some reactions from politicians were heard. Yannick Jadot, for example, suggests eliminating hunting during weekends and school holidays. It is a prospect which goes in the good direction, but insufficient. The Ecological Revolution for the Living (REV) proposes to abolish recreational hunting altogether, every day of the year.

Hunting is a sport, some claim, and it would be inconceivable to censor the practice. But you can’t compare this activity of shooting live animals with soccer or jogging. On the one hand, the fact of raising the elbow and pressing a trigger only requires a limited caloric commitment, and the benefit of this gesture, even repeated, for the cardiovascular system is difficult to demonstrate.

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On the other hand, no sport kills so many friends and passers-by: in France, more than 400 humans have been killed in the last twenty years. Let us not forget that non-human animals are the first victims of hunters. Each year, more than thirty million animals are killed by this practice alone, two thirds of which come from farms.

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“Faced with the dangers posed by the practice of hunting, the time is no longer for compromise”