Emmanuel Macron projects himself with the Covid-19

There was a time when Emmanuel Macron projected an end date for the Covid-19 epidemic. In April 2020, the head of state warned the French that they had left “Several months living with the virus”. A few weeks later, in the fall, the horizon was pushed back “At least in the summer of 2021”. Then, on July 12, the tenant of the Elysee estimated that there would still be “Probably for several months of the year 2022, even if the vaccine changes a lot of things”. From now on, there is no question of advancing. Does he anticipate the end of the epidemic in the summer of 2022? “I will be careful not to make any predictions whatsoever”, replied the President of the Republic, Wednesday, December 15, in the program “Where is France going?” », On TF1 and LCI. “You always have to be careful in this area. The one who dictates the rules and the rhythm is the virus ”, he agreed once again.

Faced with the acceleration of the epidemic circulation – more than 50,000 daily cases have been recorded on average for a week – the presidential agenda is once again hit. A health defense council must meet in an emergency, Friday, December 17. Officially, we report the entourage of Emmanuel Macron, it is about “Give visibility to the French before the end of the year celebrations” by bringing forward this meeting, originally scheduled for December 22.

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But the spokesman of the government, Gabriel Attal, sold the fuse at the end of the council of ministers, on Wednesday, warning that of “New decisions” were needed to respond to the resurgence of the virus, which the highly contagious Omicron variant threatens to accelerate even further. “Very strong pressure on our hospital” will moreover exercise “Between Christmas and New Year”, recognized Emmanuel Macron on TF1. Mr. Attal evokes the figure of 4,000 people who would then be admitted to intensive care.

Perspective of a fourth dose

The executive, however, does not plan to upset the strategy followed in recent weeks, which consists of activating all possible levers without imposing confinement, curfews, or travel bans. The Head of State recalled what were the “Three pillars” on which it intends to rely: the vaccine, the health pass and barrier gestures. He thus judged “Desirable” that children aged 5 to 11 be vaccinated, while recognizing that this was part of the “Parents’ choice”. After having long closed the door to this possibility, Mr. Macron, on the other hand, estimated “Quite possible” that eventually a vaccination obligation is decided for adults, even if the health pass, he recalled, has already pushed 90% of the eligible population to receive at least one injection. “We are almost there at the vaccination obligation”, estimated the tenant of the Elysee.

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Emmanuel Macron projects himself with the Covid-19