Dog and cat salons, a blind spot for the law on animal abuse

By Julie Bienvenu

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The hubbub that rises from the pit of the Dôme concert hall in Marseille, this Saturday, November 20, is not that of the spectators impatient to see their idol but that of the yapping of 469 doggies of all races coming from the four corners of France. “I fell in love when I saw him, his name is Soprano, like the singer! “ It is not the famous Marseillais that his new mistress proudly presents to onlookers, but a little cotton from Tulear from Brittany. A total of 120 puppies and kittens were sold in two days, during the first Pets and Welfare Fair.

Almost every weekend is held in France an animal show – small puppy fairs, devoted solely to the sale of animals by breeders or dealers, at the Paris Animal Show which brings together more than five thousand each year. dogs, cats and new pets (NAC – rabbits, rodents, birds, lizards, etc.), with exhibition, competition and sale of animal products.

These salons are not affected by the new law on animal abuse, published in Official newspaper 1is December, which provides for the ban on the sale of dogs and cats in pet shops from 1is January 2024. The stated objective is to limit impulse purchases in order to fight against the abandonment of pets. Each year in France, around 900,000 puppies are sold or transferred, according to an estimate from the National Union of Dog and Cat Professions (SNPCC) – the latest official figures date back to more than twenty years ago -, and nearly 300,000 dogs and cats are abandoned, according to the report by the deputy Loïc Dombreval (The Republic on the march, Alpes-Maritimes).

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“We are responsible for our animal all our life, recalls Reha Hutin, president of the 30 Million Friends Foundation. The acquisition must be a thoughtful act, you cannot make this decision by walking between the stands of a trade show! “ To choose the right companion, you have to be able to talk to the person who takes care of the animal, come back to see it several times, know its character well … “The salespeople play on people’s sensibilities, the puppies are weaned too young, it’s touching and that’s what attracts customers”.

Animals must be 8 weeks old to be offered for sale.

Who would not have cracked in front of the face of Sariette, a small short-haired dachshund nestled in the arms of Deva, 10 years old, or Sbouba, a shiba inu, 2 months old? Mathilde and her companion left with a pomsky (crossed husky and dwarf spitz). They had come for “Buy a pet from [leur] chat ». “When we saw that cats were as expensive as dogs [entre 800 et 3 000 euros sur ce salon], we preferred to take a dog “, explains the young woman of 25, also seduced by the possibility of paying in three installments without charge. An unexpected purchase; the proof, they came by scooter.

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Dog and cat salons, a blind spot for the law on animal abuse