Covid-19: wearing a mask in compulsory school in all departments from November 15

After twenty months of health crisis and a return to All Saints’ Day under the sign of a resurgence of the Covid-19 epidemic, all schoolchildren will have to put on the mask from Monday, November 15, announced the Ministry of Education national, Tuesday evening November 9, in the wake of the television allowance of Emmanuel Macron. A way of confirming that all the departments are tilting, or have tilted, above the incidence rate of 50 cases of Covid-19 per 100,000 inhabitants, automatically climbing the ladder of a health protocol thought out on four levels.

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Monday, November 8, they were 57 metropolitan departments and three overseas territories to apply level 2 (with the mask worn indoors by schoolchildren), and another 39 to follow level 1 (without a mask in elementary school) when they were 78 in this case before the All Saints holidays. Only one territory (Mayenne) had seen the constraints lighten – it will also “switch back” to the higher level of the protocol in a few days. Only one other, Guyana, remains at level 4, the highest.

Sworn statement

The degree of vigilance is therefore increasing at school, while the government has just seen a controversial measure revoked, imagined to “facilitate” the monitoring of the epidemic in schools. On Tuesday, November 9, the Constitutional Council thus censored the access of school directors to the vaccination and virological status of students. The provision, added by government amendment to the “health vigilance” law adopted Friday, November 5 in Parliament, had been strongly criticized during the readings of the text in the National Assembly and the Senate, and rejected by the latter.

The Constitutional Council considered, in a notice posted on Tuesday at the end of the day, that the provisions of article 9 of the law “A disproportionate infringement of the right to respect for private life”, because the text did not provide for obtaining the consent of the students or their legal representatives and that it would have opened access to students’ medical information to too many people. The Constitutional Council also insisted on the fact that the interest of this measure in the strategy to fight against the virus was too little clearly defined.

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A conclusion with which most of the school’s stakeholders agree: since the school has managed to manage the epidemic without lifting medical confidentiality so far, it seemed to them irrelevant. “We functioned without it, and it was not something that we were asking for”, insists Audrey Chanonat, representative of college principals at SNPDEN-UNSA. Since the start of the school year, students over 12 have provided a certificate of vaccination on their honor to be able to return to class after the detection of a case of Covid-19.

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Covid-19: wearing a mask in compulsory school in all departments from November 15