Covid-19: faced with an outbreak of contaminations, the government is planning “a plan to strengthen” testing capacities

Faced with an unprecedented outbreak of contamination due to the Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2, the government spokesperson announced on Sunday January 9 on BFM-TV, “A plan to strengthen our testing policy”. Gabriel Attal announced the deployment of ” several hundred “ screening centers near vaccination centers. “Almost ten million people” are tested weekly but the tails are getting longer, Mr Attal admitted, letting it be known that“We were going to increase the number of test centers even more”.

“We are going to ask for the opening of screening centers near the vaccination centers”, so that at low times of vaccination, the professionals on the spot can carry out tests, specified the spokesperson of the government.

“The second measure is to allow pharmacists to create their screening centers. We will give them the possibility of recruiting themselves temporarily health professionals who will come to work in their own small screening center so that there are more screenings done in pharmacies ”, he added.

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6 millions d’autotests and stock

In addition, it is according to Mr. Attal “To further expand the people authorized to carry out tests”, with Sunday morning a new decree published on the issue. Finally, concerning self-tests, there are 6 million in stock in pharmacies, which “Will receive an additional 10 million” next week, Attal said. “We will guarantee the 6,000 pharmacies that do not do antigenic tests and self-tests that we will compensate the stocks that they have ordered and that they do not sell”, he announced again.

The massive screening policy is currently very expensive and complicated to organize. « On l’assume », argued the government spokesperson. “Of course it makes sense to test” and “We will always push our testing capabilities to the maximum”, he asserted, insisting on the idea that “The test is an essential tool for controlling the epidemic”.

Regarding the vaccination pass, which was to come into force on January 15, the Secretary of State said that due to the delay in examining the bill, this tool will be implemented “At the latest in the first days of the week of January 17”.

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Covid-19: faced with an outbreak of contaminations, the government is planning “a plan to strengthen” testing capacities