COP26, day 1: world leaders urged to act now to “save humanity”

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What you must remember :

The world must act now to “Save humanity” catastrophic impacts of global warming, urged, Monday 1is November, the UN Secretary General in front of world leaders gathered in Glasgow for the long-awaited COP26 on the climate. “It’s time to say: Quite », said Antonio Guterres.

“Humanity has long played time on the climate. It’s one minute to midnight on the apocalypse clock. We must act now ”, added British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, host of the summit, warning against anger “Uncontrollable” that would cause a failure of this COP26, six years after the Paris agreement.

French President Emmanuel Macron called on the “Bigger emitters” of greenhouse gases to “Enhance their ambition within a fortnight” of COP26, for “Make our strategy more credible” fight against global warming, referring in particular to Russia and China. “The key to our collective action is that, before this COP closes, there is still enough commitment”, he added.

The United States, for their part, especially pointed the finger at Beijing, saying “Disappointed” by the absence of commitments from China, the world’s main polluter, and from Russia at the G20. Russian and Chinese presidents are among the big absentees at COP26. “Acting against climate change is a moral and economic imperative”, hammered the American president, Joe Biden.

“By 2070, India will reach the goal of net zero emissions” of carbon, for his part, announced Monday in Glasgow, the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, specifying that this objective was one of the five measures that India planned to take to respect its commitments within the framework of the Paris climate agreement.

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The statement of the day:

“I guess I shouldn’t apologize, but I apologize for the fact that the United States – the last administration – withdrew from the Paris accords and kind of left us behind. “

US President Joe Biden on the action of his predecessor, Donald Trump, during his speech at COP26.

Picture of the day:

Activists of Non-Violent Action COP21 (ANV-COP21) demonstrate against Emmanuel Macron's green policy on November 1, 2021, outside the Scottish Event Campus in Glasgow, Scotland, where COP26 is being held, wearing official portraits upside down from the President of the Republic, picked up in French town halls.

The report :

Scotland is failing to take advantage of the proliferation of wind projects off its coasts. A politically sensitive reconversion, while 100,000 people still work in the oil and gas sector.

Words to understand COP26:

Global warming

It is already in progress. In a new report, published on August 9, 2021, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) notes that the temperature at the earth’s surface has risen by about 1.1 ° C over the past decade compared to the preindustrial era (1850-1900). The decade 2011-2020 was the hottest on record, and the six years since 2015 have all reached record highs.

Depending on the greenhouse gas emissions scenarios, scientists predict, over the period 2081-2100, a global temperature increase of 1.4 ° C in the very low emitting scenario, 1.8 ° C for the low-emitting scenario, 2.7 ° C for the intermediate one, 3.6 ° C for the emitter and 4.4 ° C for the high-emitting scenario.

This warming will be accompanied by a rise in sea level of 0.3 to 1 meter by 2100, in comparison with 1995-2014 and will have multiple consequences: melting of the polar caps and glaciers, extreme events (waves of heat, droughts, torrential rains) more intense and more frequent, risks for food security, extinction of species… This is why we speak more widely of climate change.

The number :

30 000

The COP – acronym for “Conference of the Parties” – has brought together around 30,000 people every year since 1995. The 26e edition, COP26, takes place in the presence of delegations from 196 states (including 120 heads of state), representatives of the European Union, members of civil society (companies, NGOs, scientists, local authorities, indigenous populations, unions) and journalists from around the world.

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Solutions for the planet:

The world offers you ideas to reduce your impact on the planet. Food, transport, accommodation… here is a list of things to do.

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COP26, day 1: world leaders urged to act now to “save humanity”