Oscar Isaac has said that the program is going to be revolutionary

Moon Knight: Oscar Isaac Has Said The Show Is Going To Be Revolutionary

Moon Knight: Oscar Isaac Has Said The Show Is Going To Be Revolutionary

Next year the series of Moon Knight on Disney Plus. Marvel hasn’t released much information about the plot as of yet. Moon Knight is not one of the best known Marvel characters. Overall, that’s a risk Marvel has liked to take in recent years; bring to the screen characters that do not guarantee that the public will be interested in the work. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (95%) is the latest example we have of this. That film has done well at the box office, even better than the studio expected, taking into account the pandemic, but the reality is that Shang-Chi is not the best known Marvel character or by mistake. It doesn’t even have as many comics as other characters, despite having been around since the seventies.

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The same can be said for Moon Knight. This is a character that not everyone knows and that, although he has some very good comics, they are the most widely read in the company. For the same reason, there are some fans who do not know what to expect from the first adaptation of this psychotic Batman.

In these types of situations, someone who can give us some information, no matter how minimal, are the actors involved. Perhaps following that line of thought, in a press tour Oscar Isaac was asked what we can expect from this television series (via Heroic Hollywood). His words were forceful:

The whole thing is… What I can say is that it’s going to be… It’s going to be a revolutionary program.

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That can be interpreted as that there is going to be a before and after in the genre scene after its premiere. Next year we will know if it is true. For now, it’s probably going to be the MCU’s first show with a slightly more serious tone. Added to that, the protagonist’s mental health lends itself to a bit of narrative experimentation. Next year we will know if that is the case.

Oscar Isaac I had already mentioned that one of the reasons why he was interested in participating in this project is because they are going to do something different within the genre. This is what he said recently in an interview he gave for Total Film:

I love the people involved. I thought there was an incredibly unusual story to tell within the world, you know, of superhero language. But we are doing something that is quite different, and that does not remain the same … not even [sigue] necessarily the logic of what many superhero movies do

On the other hand, for Ethan Hawke the fact that he is a not so well known character is what motivates him to participate in this particular project. This was revealed in an interview for The Wrap. Basically, he thinks that since he is not a character that is part of the cultural imagination, they have much more freedom and fewer expectations that restrict them.

Yes. If you were an actor in the fifties, you know, they made Westerns. If you are an actor in 2020, you have Marvel. And I really am lucky to be dealing with a story that doesn’t have too much supplementary baggage. If you play Spider-Man or Batman, they have so much baggage and viewers have high expectations. It’s like playing Hamlet — you can’t do it in a vacuum. You are interpreting it in relation to other Hamlets. Whereas with Moon Knight, people don’t know much about him. They don’t have much information about him. Oscar (Isaac) is giving an absolutely phenomenal performance and it’s so exciting to be a part of that with him.

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Oscar Isaac has said that the program is going to be revolutionary