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For a comedy to work, you have to care about its characters. That was clear to them in Mythic Quest: Feast of Crows since its first episode. Unlike other comedies, the creation of Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day and Megan Ganz for Apple TV + achieved the miracle that the gears worked from the beginning, without needing filming time for everything to fit together. His cover letter, at the beginning of 2020, surprised by the effectiveness of the proposal, a kind of combination of Silicon Valley, Community and The Office with just the right geek and emotional touch to attract a wider audience than it might seem a priori.

But if he has distinguished himself for something Mythic Quest it is, curiously, because of the independent chapters, isolated from the main plot. In the first season stood out the episode that told, through an impossible love story, the past of the building in which the action takes place. Then came the pandemic and those responsible for the series marked the best episode (and look, there were attempts …) that was shot in confinement, where laughter and positive energy were combined with the isolation and fear that so many felt in those days.

Just before starting the second season, another special broadcast presented a competition between the characters with which the people in charge of the video game wanted to shelve the darkness of the year of the pandemic and teleworking and return to the closest thing to normality. And already in the second season, two installments focused on one of the secondary characters, the one played by F. Murray Abraham, have once again demonstrated how well this series is at getting off the beaten path.

Charlotte Nicdao, Rob McElhenney and Derek Waters, in the second season of ‘Mythic Quest’.

The season just ended has delved into the difficulties of dealing with the ego of others (and your own) in creative work, with two opposite personalities but destined to be understood as those of the egomaniac Ian (Rob McElhenney) and the engineer Poppy (Charlotte Nicdao) in front of the video game. The evolution of all the characters has led them to a season finale in which each one has a satisfactory conclusion that puts them before unpredictable destinies. It seems as if the writers were not sure about the future of the series and had decided, just in case, to propose an ending that could serve as a final farewell (I hope the gods of video games do not want it that way).

If this had been all, at least this second season has settled the pending account that he had with the person in charge of the narrative of the video game, the award-winning writer come to less CW. The past of the character of F. Murray Abraham is on this occasion the protagonist of what is possibly the best episode of the season and, perhaps, of the series, transferring the plot to the walls of the magazine Amazing Tales Magazine to follow a young and ambitious CW in his first steps in science fiction and see his admired Ray Bradbury, Ursula K. Le Guin and Isaac Asimov share a roof with him. Again, ambition and emotion united. The following episode served for the character, back to the present, to settle accounts with the ghosts of the past in another installment that put feelings ahead.

Josh Brener, Shelley Hennig and Michael Cassidy, in the fifth episode of the second season of 'Mythic Quest'.
Josh Brener, Shelley Hennig and Michael Cassidy, in the fifth episode of the second season of ‘Mythic Quest’.

But if these episodes, however autonomous they may be, work within the whole, it is because the series has a soul from the first moment. Therefore, even if they tell derived stories, the connection is maintained through that emotional background that has managed to build so well on its solid foundations. Mythic Quest. Hopefully the game doesn’t end here. But if you do, the trip will have been worth it.

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‘Mythic Quest’ goes to the next level | TV