X Factor Live second episode: gIANMARIA is crazy, but always on the spot. Deleted * …

X Factor Live second episode. In the super technological setting of RePower the evening of the covers begins, which reminds us so much of the evening of Sanremo, is divided into two heats. The votes of the second episode are added to those of last Thursday. Two heats, the two least voted in each heats will go to the ballot and then it will be up to the judges to decree the elimination.

At the opening Tersigni, announces that the two least listened to X Factor Mixtape Vol.2 they will go directly to the ballot at the start of the third episode of the live shows. Another big announcement: Ed Sheeran will be a guest in the fifth episode of the show.

The judges sharpen their weapons and tongues, hot jokes, high level of performances, here is what happened and our report cards, click continue to find out who was eliminated …

x factor live second episode

The judges in excellent shape lose the do-gooders from the first episode and comment on everything carefully and do not give up a few digs.

The Endrigo they come up with You start making love from Raffaella Carrà. Tribute to the great Raffaella! Emma with her punk crest hairstyle.

Mika overall the performance disturbed him. He does not miss an opportunity to point out that they are good guys but not as a band. Crackling and sharp start for Mika. Hell Raton does not know if they are paraculi or good.

Manuel you play very well, you were born to be on stage. What’s missing is the formula, you have to freshen up, this cover is a cliché. Do something punk, say something punk.

Emma closes without sending them to say Paraculi is fine, the important thing is not to become a sucker.

Queer Paracool Punk Rock could be their adjective. The song loses its sensuality in this version and frankly it’s not even something innovative. Grade 5

Baltimore with an unusual choice Butter words from Carmen Consoli.

Manuel Agnelli doing this piece is an emotional somersault. You have total sincerity. I liked the production but I would have avoided the vibrato. Bravo. Emma compliments him on his perception of music.

Per Mika he’s a normal guy who gets more and more interesting every time he gets on stage. Hell Raton he thanked his colleagues and underlined how much he has grown in this time.

Thrilling performance, dance, set design, production. Baltimore gives us a beautiful version of this song. Enthusiastic audience several times. Vote 8

Fellow Sign Of The Times from Harry Styles. Let’s go into Fellow’s closet thus closes the presentation Mika.

Hell Raton Good boy. A crescendo of emotions. Manuel, a beautiful voice and you are beautiful too (we agree). A little ‘who cares about the beautiful voice, I would not lose your “bass”. Stay on that stamp, because it’s something rare.

Emma I allow myself to tell you to show you much more. I want something more. Give it to us. Mika if we are getting to the details already in the second episode it means that we are ahead.

Singer of undisputed talent. Thank you for taking us through this cold fairy world full of animal dreams. Grade 7

Mutonia Closer from Nine Inch Nails.

Emma in this process I missed the rhythmic part of the piece. I missed sexuality. Mika he wonders why he is dressed and claims that he has not told, so much noise and little story. Manuelito appreciate a lot. He praises them but he too feels that the provocation is halfway.

Manuel closes the table by defining Matteo, the frontman carnal element. He is the only person who is sex. Autogrill without even an invitation to dinner. Thanks for these hot metaphors.

We are obviously not ready for this band yet. We don’t like the motorway restaurant, maybe we want the enchanted castles of Erio or the cursed outskirts of GIANMARIA. We too hear a lot of noise and little story. Grade 5

Voucher LP Dove sta Zazà from Gabriella Ferri.

Mika you’re back, that cazzimma I found it. You told something in your own way. Manuelito today I say wow. Heat.

Manuel I’m glad this reference to Gabriella Ferri even if I don’t see the tiredness and the experience of the singer. I found some anger, but it is less particular, despite this I like it very much. According to the judge, the right path is popular song plus its sounds.

Nice performance. He told in his own way and with his hearing a song. We agree with Manuel Agnelli, we like this mix. Grade 7

Westfalia closes the first heat with Hey Ya of the Outkast. Introduced by Mika in a bizarre way with references to the curtains of the grandmothers.

Manuelito receives few emotions. Manuel you have not exalted the piece. Emma he gives a big compliment to the musicians but expects triple from them. I missed the spark.

The song was supposed to help them and instead we think it turned them off a lot. Not much to say, other than their shirts distracted us. Rating 6

Before starting the second run the guest Chiello takes place on the stage of the RePower singing his hits.

Vale LP, Fellow, Le Endrigo, Baltimore, Mutonia they pass the shift.

The least voted are the Westfalia.

Click continue to find out the votes of the second run and who was eliminated.

x factor live second episode

Erio if you present with Limit To Your Love from James Blake.

Emma you can’t destroy me like this every Thursday. You are this thing here, you are SuperErio. Mika, a lot of production around you but you have remained the same. We follow what you have to offer. Manuelito shares what the other judges have said, you are complete. This song allows you to express yourself to the fullest.

The voice of Erio it is unique and we know it. But what this talent has in addition is an incredible performance talent. His performance is a sight for ears and eyes. Beautiful this red that fills the space. Vote 9

Change of course for i Karakaz that come up with SexyBack from Justin Timberlack

Manuel I’m uncertain. I like the formula but I’m afraid it’s very repetitive. Emma wants more from everyone tonight. For Mika the recipe is good, but it hasn’t arrived “The lift” as he defines it, arousing the laughter of the judges.

And we must say that in this version we do not mind. Very sensual, all the mouths of the scenography also contributed. And also the final percussion. Grade 7

Mika with a questionable presentation in Neapolitan presents its competitor: Nika Paris Come from Jain.

Manuelito determined, refined, you are inclined to do this. For Manuel Agnelli there is no emotion. Emma it’s nice that you keep the freshness of your 16 years. Mika heats up a lot and defends Nika against the opinions of the judges.

For us it’s all colorful and pop. A comic with the Balkan voice. Nika is small but she knows how to do it, and she is smiling. Your flaw is that you are in this edition with very hard to reach talents. Grade 7 1/2

Emma aims high with the assignment of Jonny is crazy from Vasco Rossi per gIANMARIA.

Mika brings intimacy, he likes this very much. Manuelito he was afraid that he lacked the experience, instead he changed his mind. Manuel Agnelli, you have the sensitivity to sing this piece, one of the most sincere things in here. Emma it just says empathy.

Perfect choice. Basque what do you think asks gIANMARIA? We think very well about it. This prodigious boy who always brings his world, even inside a cover, is not wrong. The atmosphere is also nice. Vote 10

Bengala Fire Town Called Malice of the Jam.

Emma a beautiful blast from the past with a modern breath. Mika it was not bad, an exercise in style but credible. Closing Manuelito who squabble with Mika, he likes the project but wants them less combed. Manuel he gives us a good lesson in the history of music and convinces us the path he is planning for them. In the final duel of music between Mika e Manuel, closes this last pearl Opinions are like balls, everyone has their own.

Well done. They convince us much more than the other exhibition and in our opinion they are finding their way. Grade 7

Last to perform Versailles that sings Ghost from i Linea77. We hear good luck from the band from the phone Manuelito.

Manuel Agnelli I’m missing something that convinces me. that spontaneity, I’m missing something. Emma he continues not to understand things but feels that he can trust him. Mika we found you again.

A real surprise i Linea77 and for this we thank him but we also agree with the judges that something is still missing. This guy convinces us but maybe he didn’t show all his cards. Rated 6 1/2

The heats end e Bengala Fire, Nika Paris, Erio, gIANMARIA, Kararkaz are safe.

Ludovico Tersigni definitely promoted, except sometimes that he gives too much space to the judges by lengthening discussions but we like you. Vote 8 1/2

Versailles e Westfalia collide with their respective unpublished, Truman Show e Goblin.

The first eliminated are Westfalia e Versailles goes to the next live. Manuel, Mika, Emma and Manuelito they take measurements, they study but they are in great shape, ready to answer and it is still nice to see the comparison of different musical worlds. The music wins. Vote 8

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X Factor Live second episode: gIANMARIA is crazy, but always on the spot. Deleted * …