X Factor Live first episode gIANMARIA and Erio shine. Emma disappointed for DDL Zan

X Factor Live first episode. Start in style X Factor 2021 within the RePower Theater from Assago, truly remarkable television graphics and a tribute to the 90s dance. It makes you want to dance and go wild. It is also wonderful to hear the applause of the live audience.

The moment of Ludovico Tersigni he has arrived, he is doing very well and is keeping up with the frenetic pace of the beginning of the episode.

The judges all in style take possession of their seats.

A praise to Emma which at the beginning underlines the ugly page of our political history as the DDL Zan he was rejected in the Senate with really shameful stadium chants. Vote 10 to Emma and vote 0 to our Senate.

Tersigni announces how the evening will work: no elimination for tonight but a selection of the least voted, next week there will be a cover evening and the votes will be added to those of tonight. So there will be the first elimination next week. In our opinion it is a wise decision that also gives the possibility to listen to the competitors’ unreleased songs for a week.

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X FActor live first episode

First Heat

First competitors to perform i Bengala Fire led by Manuel Agnelli which presents them by defining them tripe and wine for breakfast. Valencia is their unpublished.

All the judges agree on the beautiful performance (after all it is too early to sharpen the nails) Mika only his Northern English accent reproaches him.

We notice a big difference from the last listen. Manuel he’s doing a great job with them. We agree with the acquired credibility. Come on, the girl from the disco find her again! Grade 7

Baltimore sings his unpublished Other , his guide is Hell Raton.

Manuel he says he already has a lot of experience and the production has made him contemporary. Mika he also points out his strong stage presence despite being immobile.

For us he is undoubtedly very talented and talented in writing, but he still doesn’t seem very focused. Rated 6 1/2

Nika Paris from Bulgaria is in the team of Mika, his judge has invented a “fairy tale” to present his competitor. She sings Calm. It reminds us very much Alizeewho forgets itMy Lolita.

Hell Raton you are in the right place, well. Manuel you are with the right judge. Emma it goes with the French Tu es formidable. In short, all right for the judges. Delightfully unconscious.

We need to see more, she started with this very international pop sound but we want to understand if it’s really the right place for her. At the moment Rating 6

gIANMARIA is on the team of Emma and brings his unpublished Suicides, we had already listened to it at the auditions with a lot of interest.

Leave the judges with very few words. Mika you are very exciting. You are fantastic. Hell Raton formulates a real declaration of love. Manuel Agnelli in the end you’re one of those who can say a bitch and we drop our heads. One of the characters of this edition.

We agree that this 1.94 meter boy convinces us very much. Beautiful performance that emphasized the color of his voice and words. Just his close-up to hit us with a pain in the face. Maybe even he is not aware of how powerful his music is. Beautiful production. Vote 9

Westfalia eclectic band of the team of Mika. After he presents them in a bizarre way they are ready with their unedited Goblin.

Manuel Agnelli and mvery curious to see which way they will go. Emma states that they have only one flaw: your judge makes horrible introductions.

The first funny digs begin between Mika and Emma who argue amiably.

Their sound is highly sought after, we need another listening to their unreleased and for now Rating 6.

Versailles come back and let us listen Truman Show, belongs to the team of Hell Raton

Manuel Agnelli advises you have to get out of your references but the formula I do not mind at all. Emma increases the dose You can be much stronger than that.

We are in full agreement. Beautiful genres but let’s overcome them, Versailles has to build his musical identity while being an excellent singer and an excellent musician. A Rating 6 of encouragement.

Stop! The singer gives us a mashup between The Last Kiss, The whole universe obeys love then Something about me you don’t expect. Max Gazzè e Marina Rei they accompany her as musicians.

The televoting of the first heat ends and we discover that Westfalia, Versailles e Bengala Fire they are among the least welcome.

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second run

The second run is opened by i Mutonia from Manuel Agnelli with the unpublished Rebel.

Emma I prefer Matteo shirtless ed Hell Raton you surprised me positively. Well done.

We still don’t understand them. But Manuel knows more than we do and therefore we rely on, in the meantime, however, a Grade 5.

Fellow sings Fire. Mika praises the gifts before the performance.

Hell Raton in front of your talent we can only raise our hands. Good boy. Emma I found you extraordinary.

We have a lot of vocal talent. The ability of its lows and upward thrusts would be noticed by anyone. But does this great talent have a great personality? Perhaps there is still a few steps to take. Grade 7 +

It is the turn of Voucher LP that makes us listen again Cherì.

Mika I liked it. However, there is work to be done to make everything coherent. Hell Raton summarizes everything with tu hai cazzimma.

His song loses something in this production, we don’t know what it is but it seems less powerful. Perhaps the emotion was great, in any case it brings home a good performance. Rated 6 1/2

Hell Raton presents i Karakaz with Useless

Manuel Agnelli super granite sound. Emma great leap in quality. Well done. Mika instead he points out how important the scenography is to create an atmosphere of the performance.

For us, perhaps they are too much. Too much in everything. We are also curious to understand if they can go in different directions. Grade 5

Our alien returns Erio which re-proposes his True love. Spearhead of the team Manuel Agnelli.

Speechless the judges for the beauty of it all. Emma Erio, how nice that you exist. Mika Beautiful and deep. Hell Raton indisputably you are one of the talents. A complete artist who is aware that this is your moment.

What to add? You are nothing always in our hearts. Vote 9

Last to perform The Endrigo of the team Emma. The song is titled Things bigger than you.

Mika it is not clear what he wants to express. He is undecided about his judgment and is silent. Hell Raton liked it. Manuel Agnelli coins the term Paracool rock and points out that that song is a single.

This year we have the gender fluid band. Tucked into a scenography that proposes a public bathroom, they tell us things. Here also in this case we get lost a bit and in the end we only remember the choirs. Rating 6

Less welcome than this heat Vale LP, Mutonia, Karakaz. Except for Voucher LP we agree with the public.

Emma in the final of the episode underlines the skill of Ludovico Tersigni. Passed with flying colors, the inheritance he received was difficult but we liked you. Vote 8

Here is the playlist of the unreleased. See you next Thursday!


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X Factor Live first episode gIANMARIA and Erio shine. Emma disappointed for DDL Zan