Video preview: after All Together Now Giovari sings the dream of many emerging artists in “Hit Parade”

Today we present you with an exclusive video preview Hit Parade, new single from Giovari artist seen in the last week in the program of Channel 5, All Together Now.

The song is out from Friday 19 November on the label Musician. The song tells the mood of an emerging artist, who in her daily life continues to dream big, sometimes losing sight of what is part of her true current reality.

The song proceeds on a lively rhythm, with a light, almost carefree atmosphere, which expresses the protagonist’s belief that every problem will be solved and that our dreams and the people we love will never abandon us.

Here’s how he tells it Giovari:

We are used to living on stereotypes, habits that are repeated over the years among people. Society has accustomed us to living by trying to imitate certain canons, static models that instead of identifying us make us all too equal.

The artist is the one who tries to escape from these stereotypes, creating a parallel world, a different reality where you can pursue your desires, your dreams, listening only to what your heart says.

To be able to fulfill oneself, it is not enough to be satisfied; you have to break the mold, get out of your comfort zone and do what makes us feel really good and not just what suits us.

Thus began a double life for the artist: reality in normal everyday life, with all the thoughts and problems of every day, and reality made up only of dreams and dominated by the desire to be able to live on music alone. A dream that, despite hopes and disappointments, keeps us alive

Thus proceeds the life of an artist made up of obligations and duties like work, but with her head always turned to her true and only passion. These two realities continually collide with each other, trying to prevail over each other, with the hope that they may one day become one. But all this is possible only with the support of true love, which always manages to support us and sustain us in difficulties, even when everything seems to go wrong, who knows how to accept us for who we are and pursue that dream with us.

Music can be demanding, it becomes the absolute priority, the first thing in front of everything else and often the people who love us most lose out due to our shortcomings, unfulfilled promises, our continuous absences and our big projects. never materialized.

Giovari da All Together Now a Hit Parade

Reached by our editorial staff for this video preview, the artist explains better the importance of this new song for his career …

The path of each of us is made up of difficult, complicated choices; choices that often preclude us from new opportunities. There are those like me who prefer not to choose, not to go straight to a crossroads, but to continue along several roads to find out how far you can get.

There are those who see it as fear, but I see it as a great opportunity to be able to discover more and more. The journey will never be easy, but sharing it with the most important people alongside will make it a fantastic journey.

Regarding the videoclip, today exclusively on All Music Italia, He tells us:

During the day an ordinary person, with his own work and his daily problems, in the evening a dreamer who wants to live on music. Like superheroes, every artist lives a dual life. But this double life often takes time away from everything else. So the important people lose out with our absences and shortcomings.

The video was directed by Michele Guazzo & Alessandro Di Dio Masa. The music of the song is by Giovanni Arichetta, Alessandro Di Dio Masa while the text is of the solo Giovanni Arichetta.

Let’s get to know Giovari better

Giovari he studied guitar (fingerpicking specialization) and piano and was a member of the group Wood-Boxes consisting of seven acoustic guitars.

In 2016 he began a solo journey first under his own first name and from 2021 with his stage name Giovari. In his career he has won several music contests including A Sea of ​​Stars, A Song from the Heart, Summer Festival, the Nilla Pizzi Award and, in 2019, he is a finalist in Castrocaro.

November 19 Giovari public Hit Parade.

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Video preview: after All Together Now Giovari sings the dream of many emerging artists in “Hit Parade”