Ultimo is the best copy-sold debut of 2021

Last Solo debut at the top of the charts for both albums and vinyls with his latest album.

And his is the best result for copies sold in the first week of 2021.

Solo, released on Friday 22 October two years after the previous work, had already made his debut in Top5 Global Album Debuts, the ranking of the most listened to records in the world on Spotify on the debut weekend.

After just one week, both the album and vinyl are the best sellers of the week and have also captured # 1 on both charts. FIMI.
A huge satisfaction for the Roman singer-songwriter: the record, in fact, is the best debut for sales of 2021.

AN ALBUM with the human being and his frailties at the center

Last, stage name of Niccolò Moriconi, has entirely written and composed the 17 songs that make up this fourth recording project. Moreover, this time the artist has also ventured into the challenge of the musical production of the piece 2:43 am.

The author’s inimitable and recognizable trait emerges in the 17 tracks: the ability to introspect. The health emergency has forced the musicians to silence and distance from the public and Ultimo manages to tell us the emotions he has felt in the last two years, exposing himself in the lyrics.


  1. The child who counted the stars
  2. Nothing
  3. On the final
  4. Solo
  5. Shoot in the chest
  6. Isolation
  7. That thread that unites us
  8. Super heroes
  9. Greta’s window
  10. good morning Life
  11. Those boys
  12. Never know where to go
  13. September 22
  14. 7+3
  15. All of this is you
  16. I do not love
  17. 2:43 am

The story of Solo started October 15, 2021 with Nothing, the first single extract. The album also includes the songs that laid the foundation for the start of this new musical journey: All of this is you (double platinum disc), September 22 (double platinum disc), 7+3 (gold disc) e good morning Life (platinum record).
On the other hand, it is unpublished Super heroes, a song that we will find at Christmas at the cinema, as it will be the soundtrack of the new film of the same name by Paolo Genovese, distributed by Medusa Film.

Solo it also consecrates the beginning of a larger work, being the first self-produced album by his label Last Records. We can find it on all digital platforms (including in Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos its Apple Music) and can be purchased in physical format as CD and white double LP (also in limited edition autographed exclusively on Amazon, of which the CD is already out).
Also available are the special double LP Deluxe box and CD Deluxe box versions, which contain 17 illustrated plates. Designed by Last itself, were made by Luca Orange and are inspired by the 17 tracks of the disc and photograph their meaning.

ULTIMO Solo brings The POKER to the songwriter

Last does not disappoint the expectations even this time. Currently all four of his are present in the ranking of FIMI Top100 of the best-selling albums.

After only 5 years of career, he is confirmed as a record-breaking singer-songwriter: in 2019 Blame the fairy tales is the best-selling album of the year e Last the most listened to artist in Italy on Spotify e Apple Music.
In the same year, all three of his albums are present at the same time in the Top 10 of the Top of the Music FIMI/Gfk, the first time that an artist reaches this milestone in Italy.
To date, Last has already sold over 2,000,000 records, reaching over a billion streams on Spotify, 45 platinum discs and 16 gold discs and, with the tour scheduled for 2022, he is the youngest artist ever to undertake a tour in the stadiums, after the live The fairytale, at the Olympic Stadium on July 4, 2019.
Since 2019, it is Goodwill Ambassador UNICEF and supports projects to combat malnutrition and to support vaccinations, water systems and sanitation in Mali, where in 2020 it was for its first field mission.

We just have to wish him to continue like this.

We wish to give thanks to the author of this short article for this amazing material

Ultimo is the best copy-sold debut of 2021