The singer and actress Diana Del Bufalo admits: “I’m not vaccinated for a heart problem …” and controversy and insults are triggered on the web

Diana Del Bufalo social controversy… storm on the web. It has been known for several years now, the network is a jungle where keyboard lions are ready to criticize, attack and even bully anyone. And this must always be condemned.

It also does not help a part of the press, if we want to call it that, which with click-catching headlines transfigures news and statements to make them attractive.

Come on, how many articles did you come across in the last year alone, maybe you even clicked on them (because in the end they always screw you), with photos of Maria De Filippi, Alessandra Amoroso and many still in tears with titles that promised to reveal their great drama, their misfortune.

And then there is part of the press which, as he points out Diana Of Buffalo, reports statements not in a textual manner.

All true, “the press” in the age of the web is in chaos .. but it is also true that social networks must be used very well and, if you are a public figure, count to ten before saying things that can generate misunderstandings. Especially these days.

But let’s understand what happened to the singer and actress launched by Friends of Maria De Filippi that we will soon see in the cast of the second edition of LOL – Who laughs is out.

Diana Del Bufalo social controversy

In a direct social where he entertained with his followers Diana she admitted that she was not vaccinated, immediately specifying clearly “Because it was advised against by my primary care physician“.

The girl did not go into specifics, after all health is a subject protected by privacy, and then the relentless controversy started ..

At this point the Of The Buffalo she was forced to get off specifically, not before having removed a few pebbles from her shoe …

When I entered the world of entertainment – he wrote on the social network – I immediately understood that there were two types of journalists: those who do it for passion and those who would sell their mother just to make a headline like catcher.

Diana he continued revealing that he had a heart problem …

I’ll explain everything with the utmost clarity, because that’s what I am, a clear person: it’s true, I’m not vaccinated because I was advised against by my GP, alas because of family genetics I have a dancing heart, nothing serious but however I monitor it. I felt inside me that I wanted to listen to my doctor and so I did.

To make matters worse the dose has therefore arrived Wild Lucarelli, which has long been sensitive to the issue of misinformation on the vaccine. According to the journalist, who is always well informed, there are very few pathologies that prevent getting the vaccine …

Victimism and misinformation, this is a potentially lethal mix, rather than vaccines. The pathologies for which the exemption from the vaccine is triggered are very few. They also vaccinate (among others) cardiopaths and cancer patients, indeed, they also vaccinate them first because they are fragile patients.

Be careful not to divulge dangerous nonsense, dear Diana DELLE BUFALE. And if you disclose them then don’t blame the bad reporters, a typical no vax habit, too, thank you.

Even under Lucarelli’s post, comments on the web began to arrive among those who say that heart patients are among the first to be vaccinated and those who point out the numerous trips of Diana Del Bufalo in the last months.

In short, Covid, vaccinations and vaccines. Topics not to be touched at all in this period if you do not have the right time to devote to your affirmations.


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The singer and actress Diana Del Bufalo admits: “I’m not vaccinated for a heart problem …” and controversy and insults are triggered on the web