The Sbam! Records by Jovanotti debuts with 24 remixes of “Il Boom”

Jovanotti 24 Remixes launched by his new label, the SBAM! BEST REGARDS, for the new single, The boom. From 3 December out the first 12, the next will be launched on 10 December.

SBAM! Best regards is the new label, “the dance factory”, the musical laboratory born from the collaboration between Jovanotti and DJs and producers Ackeejuice Rockers, with the aim of bringing rhythm, sweat and passion back to the center of the dancefloor as a symbol of life together.

From today the first of two tranches of Remix is ​​available, born on the basis of the enthusiasm of twelve producers who wanted to celebrate the first piece of Lorenzo proposing it, reinterpreting it, sometimes twisting it according to one’s taste and style.

The debut of the SBAM! Best regards he is adventurous and full of life, irregular, focused on the search for “rhythm”, and on the escape from the new rules dictated by the “algorithm”. Point straight towards it SBAM! Stage of the JOVA BEACH PARTY, the first opportunity to bring this wild and festive project live among the people.

Jovanotti Sbam! Records and Il boom

Here’s how the singer-songwriter talks about this new project …

THE BOOM seems born to explode into possible and impossible remixes. IL BOOM is not a real song, rather it is a kit, something always ready to become something else, and in this sense the title IL BOOM is enough to define it.

Nobody knows where the sparks of a firework will end, what colors will appear in the sky. My heart has always been beating in four quarters, the console is my first “two wheels”, which made me dream of starting aimlessly, following a beat, following the boom boom boom of a straight speaker. I love music with no predefined structure, flowing like a current. ‘

Streaming ‘means’ to flow’ and if today music is CONSUMED in this form I must say that for me it is not a question of CONSUMING but on the contrary of GENERATING. I don’t like the word ‘consumption’, it’s time to think of ourselves as generators rather than consumers. In some musical traditions it is said that it is the dancer who creates the rhythm together with the player.

Even in my personal tradition it is like this, music is in the air, between those who play it and those who dance it. If I listen to these remixes with my eyes closed, the JOVA BEACH PARTY beach appears and I feel like I’m flying!“.

Here are the tracklists of IL BOOM – I REMIX:



  1. Il Boom (Ackeejuice Rockers & Mudimbi Remix)
  2. The Boom (Benny Benassi & Riccardo Marchi Remix)
  3. The Boom (Paolo Pellegrino Remix)
  4. Il Boom (Jude & Frank Remix)
  5. The Boom (Rivaz & Botteghi & Frankie HI-NRG MC)
  6. The Boom (Albert Marzinotto)
  7. Il Boom (Socievole & Adalwolf Remix)
  8. The Boom (DJ Moiz, Dj Fasta, Marble)
  9. Il Boom (Ckrono Remix)
  10. The Boom (Club Paradiso remix)
  11. Il Boom (Kakawa)
  12. Il Boom (Downbeat Syndicate Remix)



  1. The Boom (Benny Benassi & Mazzz Vision)
  2. Il Boom (Mazay Remix)
  3. The Boom (Paolo Baldini DubFiles Remix)
  4. The Boom (Ácido Pantera Remix)
  5. Il Boom (DJ Aladyn & Tormento Remix)
  6. ll Boom (Batooke Native Remix)
  7. Il Boom (Johnny Roxx Remix)
  8. The Boom (Gaudi Remix)
  9. The Boom (Nicola Pigini & Leonardo Carioti Remix)
  10. Il Boom (DJ Ralf Remix)
  11. Il Boom (Blue Mondays Mix)
  12. Il Boom (KeeJay Freak Remix)

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The Sbam! Records by Jovanotti debuts with 24 remixes of “Il Boom”