The report cards for the new Italian singles will be released on Friday 5 November 2021

Scoreboard new Italian singles to be released on November 5, 2021 by Fabio Fiume.

This week there are several important returns and some unexpected ones as well. We leave immediately.

Francesca Alotta – Different

Part on guitars (strangely) Francesca for this return which, however, appears a little confused from a musical point of view. If the text is an affirmation of one’s self, the basis is a search for a stronger sonority than its historical past, however, by ear, it seems the same anchored to the 90s, as if it had not managed to pass through the crack of the door left open.

Too bad because Francesca he still has many cartridges to shoot. We need an important author.
Quattro 1/2

Arisa with Brown & Gray – Swings

He is looking into new things Arisa and in the research he manages not to lose the track of a perfect singing like few other vocalists. It does not lose its prerogatives while winking at a modernity far from its initial glories.

The propulsion of the piece is captivating, it opens up to an artist who can also have fun and entertain, playing with clothes, dances and electronics. Short, perhaps too short, yet complete. Good Arisa, very good.

Loredana Bertè – Bollywood

The big one slips Loredana on a ditty-ina-ina. She seems to have fallen prisoner of the reggae corrivity of the gods Boomdabash that even here an emeritus has nothing to do with it, the tactical penguin having actually written the piece Riccardo Zanotti.

However, that true incisiveness of the artist is missing, which instead flattens into something that he has sincerely already done; and it has made it better recently and in a way unattainable in the past, its glorious past.

Chinny – The last one

Debut single that is a ballad that tells the fragility of feeling alone, even when perhaps you are not alone. “It hurts to feel the last”, sings ours that when it pushes high it comes very close to a vocality that recalls that of Francesca Michielin, especially when it shells.

However, the writing is complete, the piece is worked in all its parts and Chinny mistress of what she sings, credible. More than enough onset.
Be +

Coez – As in the songs

Here is perhaps the song he was expected from coez after the successes of the past years. The artist, on the other hand, had proposed himself in a different way, giving up his strength of knowing how to tell stories in a very natural way, which goes beyond the bel canto but which also comes straight in an even more powerful way than pure rappers. Fully centered and credible.

Ilaria Di Nino – Out of time

Piece built with knowledge of 90’s inspired power ballad rock even if then brought back to the present day. The voice is full but loses power in the highs that fall victim to effects in the stanzas and chorality in the inciso. You can work on it anyway.
May be

Eakos – Days and months

Work that sounds very international and clearly addressed to a very young audience precisely for the way of singing / speaking. Many effects on the voice to make it more energetic as it is a bit too mushy for this type of sound. All very tight, missing a musical breath, a moment in which you take a breath. Advice.
May be

Ida Grasso – Corner of the universe

Piece of the usual ones, which you listen to and do not think is bad, but it seems so in the average of a Sanremo song that then ends the race in the middle of the table and which then no one remembers after a while.

Because that’s the way it is, we remember the winners, the losers and the outsiders, while those who do the homework well but who do not stand out … And I am not talking about text, although very well written, nor about a voice that comes in pleasant but just together. , of song form, of arrangement. All too predictable.

David Guetta, Annalisa, Ty Dolla Sign & A Boogie Wit Da hoodie – Family

And the Scarrone the item chosen by Guetta for the launch of this piece on the Italian market. But I admit I was a bit disappointed because it was an opportunity for Nali to give proof on a beautiful dance base of the producer and instead she happens to be a very modest piece, repetitive and simple melodic filler between rappers.

Of course I would have accepted too, f ** k! It still is David Guetta, but let’s say I would have liked to have wasted a little more on our beautiful voice.
Quattro 1/2

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The report cards for the new Italian singles will be released on Friday 5 November 2021