The Pagelli to the new Italian singles out on Friday 14 January … Chiara Grispo, Thomas Cheval, Mara Sattei, Folcast, Anastasio …

Scoreboard new Italian singles to be released on Friday 14 January 2022 by the music critic Fabio Fiume.

Week full of news, too many to tell the truth. What do you do, start over with a hundred new titles a week? I say this for record labels: what are your hopes of being included in the playlist? Miserrime I answer you.

So try to work with more sparing names and perhaps, however, more foresight and possibilities. Obviously with over 120 releases it was impossible for me to hear everything.

Let’s start with the Scoreboard new Italian singles out on Friday 14 January.

Anastasio – Absurd

In the game of rappers who at some point no longer want to rap, he also becomes part Anastasio with this new single in which, however, he certainly does not renounce to tell himself, to admit to himself things that have been taken for granted.

Musically the piece is a concentrate of sounds that are memorized as easy as in the best pop tradition. He appears credible but will the public who loved him as a very fast and convincing freestyler appreciate him even so? Posterity will judge. However, proof enough.
May be

Arianna Chiara – The flavor of strawberries

Guitar and rhythm sounds that are children of the 60s while the vocal approach is more modern. The combination, however, is not out of tune and is functional. There is a lack that is sung, a story, perhaps faces to look for in the clouds, a face that no longer exists. But we will be able to leave again, we must, because summer arrives sooner or later.
be 1/2

Dario Baldan Bembo – Atlantis

I can understand the meaning of composing an instrumental piece that provides atmosphere, accompaniment. I understand less the idea of ​​launching it on the radio. Suitable for storytelling of travels.
Without vote

Caparezza – Like Pripyat

Pripyat it’s a decadent photograph of something that could have been but isn’t, with its rusty amusement park and high-rise buildings that are dead skeletons, abandoned before they were even inhabited. The comparison with the Chernobyl disaster used by Caparezza here it gives a good idea of ​​all the contrasts of our life, of our society.

His language is as always insightful and pushes you to get a personal idea, to try to understand. Thematic 80 used for the base helps in following the speech like a hypnotic carpet.
Set +

Thomas Horse – Dirty

Always original the proposal of Horse which continues, alas, not to be detected in important promotional situations. The construction of the inciso grants a melody to a verse which, on the other hand, is much closer to the rap worlds. Also interesting are the cuts given to words, which ignite the attention so as not to lose the thread. Perhaps a convincing special would have been needed.
be +

Crisso – L’artista

Proposal halfway between rap and acoustic pop, at least in terms of base, almost entirely supported by an acoustic guitar. Being heard by the public: what to do? The answer is more and more difficult, as he, the public, is increasingly distracted and looking for very simple things to not apply himself to. Yet the whole construction fails when the artist steps onto a stage; it is then that he no longer sees anyone, he no longer thinks of anyone. Credible.
May be

Costanzo Del Pinto – Feel what a story

All a little too emphatic. The phrases of the stanzas are all closed with a sigh while the cut falls into some slightly dated mannerism. The type of ballad lent itself more to a raw arrangement, without all these studio echoes that makes the whole thing even older.

Desimone – Chaos

Give up his name Giuseppe to leave his designer art alone as Desimone. This new single confirms the main characteristic, that of a voice full of pathos; it’s a matter of color. However, the melodic sense and the song form are refined, with a more than correct partition. Beware, however, of the loss, in the meantime, of the strength of intention, which tends to make you lose attention. Acceptable anyway.
May be

Fabio De Vincente – Above a ring

Ballad that compares life to a ring; sometimes you can end up on the corner and that’s when you have to show yourself stronger and more confident to get out of it. The base is all of effects, certainly more artificial than a more earthly, mellow voice. The text has some good output and some less, yielding to some too many predictability.

Empathy – Just 5 minutes

“What remains of us” it is a phrase that often two people who no longer fit together do not have the courage to say to each other. And we play to blame ourselves in a powerful ballad in its message is in the ultimatum that our launches: “You have five minutes to tell me everything you have to tell me”. Ballad concentrated and with its own power. Good.

Eranera – Cadorna

The idea is certainly not new. It is in fact a fairly usual rock but which nevertheless proves to be functional to the story. There is talk of war, a past war since the enemies are the Germans and whoever tells it is probably the protagonist as a soldier, general or who knows. The vocals compete with the guitars as real rock wants. Old fashioned yes, but rock is still done like this.

Folcast & Davide Shorty – What am I doing here

Successful meeting between the two voices and the artistic senses which, from the start, are very different. The mood that unites them is very reminiscent of the last Ghemon . Technically, the two crossed, as said very well, but the piece lacks that something that makes the piece a little more for everyone, less sectorial. The special, however, is remarkable and makes you buy a full point.


Absolutely pertinent to its twilight path. The piece enjoys good text passages, highlighting that a poet can sometimes write his need for a caress in blood.

gIANMARIA here too he expresses his discomfort; it is something that clearly cannot be shared by many of his peers but for those who remain to become a sort of flag. But be careful not to repeat too much that if you paint too black, this does not allow you shades.
be 1/2

Chiara Grispo – Like ashes

The little girl is back revolutionized after a little absence Chiara… Which in the meantime is no longer so small. The new single is a convincing and syncopated electronic ballad that tells that writing for the artist is the search for good, even if paradoxically when a story ends it hurts. From the ashes, however, a phoenix and this new one can be reborn Chiara undoubtedly it is. Too bad only the duration of the piece, really too short. Makes you lose a full point.
May be

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The Pagelli to the new Italian singles out on Friday 14 January … Chiara Grispo, Thomas Cheval, Mara Sattei, Folcast, Anastasio …