The concert for the future will commemorate ten years since the death of Václav Havel. Glen Hansard will also arrive in Prague

The traditional one will return to Wenceslas Square on November 17 after a one-year break A concert for the future. Dozens of artists and speakers will perform on the stage, for example, Irish musician Glen Hansard, singer Jana Kirschner or diplomat Michael Žantovský and other important figures of the November coup, such as Michael Kocáb or Šimon Pánek. This year’s event will also be dedicated to the memory of Václav Havel, whose death will be ten years since this year. The concert for the future is an annual reminder of democratic values, especially human freedom, and the legacy of the Velvet Revolution. The personality of the first Czech president, Václav Havel, is inextricably linked to these ideas. Ten years will have passed since his death this year, so part of the program of the event will focus on the memory of him. The five-hour concert, interwoven with speakers’ performances, takes place symbolically on Wenceslas Square, the same place where the final fall of the communist regime in what was then Czechoslovakia began on November 17, 32 years ago. This year’s motto is: The future is us. “The quality of our democracy is decided by each of us. It is our shared responsibility where we will go next. We all decide the fate of this country. That is why we want to stimulate public debate on key issues and involve society as a whole. Václav Havel’s ideas, which are becoming more and more topical in spite of time, “ says the spokesman of the organizers of the event Jan Gregar from the organization Nerudný fest and adds that the event is not connected with any current political movement or party, its character is supra-party.

The five-hour program can accommodate dozens of performers

The concert for the future will start at 4.30 pm and dozens of personalities from the cultural, civic and diplomatic spheres will appear on the stage. The whole program will be accompanied by Linda Bartošová and Jindřich Šídlo. The biggest star will be the world-famous Irish musician Glen Hansard, who has been returning to Prague several times and is no stranger to Václav Havel’s legacy. For example, singers Jana Kirschner and Aneta Langerová will play with the bands and the band Zrní or Už jsme doma will perform. “For me, there is freedom and love, and I can’t miss its celebration even in the advanced stage of expectations,” approaches actress Tereza Ramba, who will also appear on stage. And there will also be representatives of non-profit organizations, which have been the target of a number of disinformation campaigns in recent years, which may have damaged their image in the eyes of the public. This year, therefore, they have joined forces and in the Such We Are campaign, which is part of this year’s Freedom Festival, they are trying to show the true face of the non-profit sector. “Non-profit organizations take care of us from birth to death, helping us in a number of areas. These include scouts, falconers, the Mountain Service, but also People in Need, Amnesty and Transparency or volunteer firefighters, football and hockey. Non-profits form the backbone our civil society and that is why the public needs to trust and support them, “ stands in the statement of the campaign Such We Are.

This year live, but with respirators and spacings

Last year, due to the anti-coronavirus measures in force at the time, the concert took place via an online broadcast. This year, the organizers plan to organize the event live, if possible, in compliance with current safety regulations. We will follow applicable government regulations. A team of organizers and volunteers will alert visitors on site to the need to keep spacing and to wear respirators. Information on security measures will also be provided on large screens and digital information panels located in the square, “ Gregar approached.

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The concert for the future will commemorate ten years since the death of Václav Havel. Glen Hansard will also arrive in Prague