REVIEW: The brothers pay a special tribute to techno with the album “Two Minds”

Brothers Jiří and Ondřej Veselí made time with their big debut, they didn’t rush anything unnecessarily. Close collaboration with German producer Hannes Bieger gave rise to the recording of “Two Minds”. It is a straightforward album influenced not only by the techno scene. It beats with energy and deserves attention.

Twins Jiří and Ondřej Veselí say that they are interconnected. For example, during live performances, they do not need to watch each other closely, yet they know who will do what. Proof of this may be their recent set for the Hotspot series. After high school, they both headed to the conservatory, where they studied Percussion. As a turning point, they name their work in the Cartonnage group, where they sniffed Armin Effenberger’s electronics and creative techniques. From there, it was quite a direct path to his own studio, a sound lab full of synthesizers and working with beats. The two-year-old single “Monarch” was a kind of prologue to this year’s album debut “Two Minds”.

The aforementioned Cartonnage, but also popular bands like Depeche Mode or New Order (perhaps their brilliant “Technique” collection influenced by Balearic rhythms and the Ibiza dance scene) pushed the Brothers to the final sound of their debut – a straightforward techno that carries melodic bridges built on classic analog synths. In this respect, “Two Minds” does not completely follow current genre trends, but goes its own way, which is a bit reminiscent of the past years (nineties?). However, the result is not just a retriever or a tribute to style. Jirka and Ondřej managed to imprint their point of view and belonging to him. Everything was covered by Hannes Bieger, who took care of the final mix and certainly added some valuable advice. Since the release of “Monster”, which was followed by several separate singles (including the moving “Manual”), Jiří and Ondřej have been looking for improvements in the harmonization of melodic lines. For example, they began to make more use of modular synthesizers as a possible centerpiece of the creation process. “Signal” and “Rise” thus revealed their new potential and sense for sound details. As a shining example, the latter is mentioned, which you can hear on “Two Minds” in two versions. “Rise II.” it beats down enchantingly and plays with the legacy of all the electronic pioneers who once formulated the whole techno movement. The Kraftwerk giants themselves named their opus “Electric Café” in the new edition after the originally intended name “Techno Pop”. The brothers are relatively close to them, but they do not work with that pop-oriented repeat. She speaks only in the track “Running”, which is also the biggest thanks to vocal samples from the friendly duo teepee hitovkou collection. “Morph” is a small step into the darkened electro industrial, which both brothers also listen to, but don’t expect a drastically raw or dark bustle experiment, even here the final form is determined by the harmonization. The whole album is primarily a kind of celebration of energy and positively tuned pulses, which attracted the experience of the couple from live playing. From the first bars of “Intra”, Veselí ingeniously builds the atmosphere and tells the history of techno in their own way. “Transition” is approaching the tech tranche somewhere, “Klock” is then a mysterious counterpart to the previous “Morph” with a supporting synthesizer line. The final anthem “Pulse” in a way recapitulates all the previous acts.

Feelings from listening to the album can be twofold. On the one hand, it does not offer any progress or suggest further direction of the techno scene. On the other, however, it reflects security, a strong sense of belonging, and is an example of what the Brothers now feel best about. “Two Minds” is an honest portion of electronic music built on years of proven harmonics. It is an inaudible recording, which will certainly score for dance-oriented listeners.

PS: The duo will baptize their work on Friday, November 12, in the Akropolis Palace in Prague. As part of the EuroConnections series, he will perform with the Austrian project Drahthaus that evening.

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REVIEW: The brothers pay a special tribute to techno with the album “Two Minds”